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Mike Malaska Putting Drill and test

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ar halimi says:

tQ tQ Mr Malaska .. so beyutiful..!!

E. G. Flores says:

Bren don, let Mike finish the sentence so I can hear him. You interrupt too much, and stay still and calm, you move all over the place in your videos or take your meds

Chris Frazier says:

One of the best putting videos I have seen thus far

willanderson1983 says:

What a crock of shit

Frank Hayward says:

Volume so low. Will flag video to watch on a pc that is hooked up to a monster sound system on volume level 11. Pity. really want to watch it now on my phone.

Flashy Paws says:

interesting. i putt out of a slightly open stance to get my line to look right. frees up my swing a little too.

Reid Sheftall says:

I have problem #2. So I gave up using lines. If this works, I'm going to buy you a Rolls Royce. Best putting instruction I have ever seen… An instructor with a brain…

e james says:

it's important to use a proper marking device to line your ball. You want to get a nice, crisp thin, straight black line on your ball……to get the most out of these drills.

J.W. Daunt says:

This video has completely changed my putting for the better. Thank you

Golf Sidekick says:

This Mike Malaska is clearly super passionate about golf. I love his way of thinking. Loving these vids featuring him

e james says:

all you can do, is your routine. You can't force yourself to make it…….unless you're jack nicklaus. So once you've mastered your end over end roll, you apply your routine putt after putt, like a machine. Get the line on the ball matched with the line to the hole, step in where you can see the line, and stroke the ball end over end. If it goes in……it goes in.And if it doesn't……it doesn't. But you keep applying your routine. A 3 point shooter in the NBA does not stop shooting if he happens to miss a few.

Anil Pandit says:

Very poor audio ,difficult to hear whats being said

Bo Critter says:

Maybe its just the video, but that tee looked left the whole time.

Average Waste says:

I disagree with the pro on one thing, it does matter if it goes in…

Jason Denny says:

This is the BEST butting lesson I have ever watched! I wish this pro would give advice on putter choice (Blade V Mallet etc)

Robert Carter says:

Great video and techniques… Thanks for this quality instructional video

georg g says:

Great video, thanks a lot. When I started golf some 20 years ago I aligned naturally with my eyes and I soon became one of the best putters of the club where I played. Sometimes along the years I lost this natural sense of alignement, I changed stance again and again and my putting now is very standard, if not below standard.
Now I suddenly understand what I did well in the past, and I'm sure next time I get out to play things will come back.
Excellent video. I frankly don't understand all the haters when what you give here is worth gold in putting lessons.

e james says:

there are different levels of wobble. From the totally out of control wobble that you can't even make out any kind of line, to the barely perceptible wobble that anyone can see is a line and some might even find acceptable as proof of a solid putting stroke. But, trust me, until you can get a frozen rope on every putt……….your stroke is not yet top shelf.

Georgio Adams says:

Very confusing video and the guy in shorts is annoying

justpar2012 says:

Could the "wobble" of the golf ball happen because as the ball is loosing speed it will turn toward the heavy side of the golf ball? I assume the ball is not balanced.

justpar2012 says:

Trust the putting line mark as seen from behind the ball because your using binocular vision ( both eyes). When you get over the ball to putt your using monocular vision which will make you think that your first reading behind the ball is incorrect. Stay with the first alignment line.


which supertroke grip is that??

g scribling says:

There's one problem. The ball is round, so if your eyes are not directly above the ball the line, you'll see a curve. Other than that, very good advice. I prefer to aim the sights on my gun rather than a line on the bullet. If the gun (putter) is pointed at the target the bullet goes toward the target.

Duke Jet says:

Well done guys great tip!. I am also a good putter. 1, because I don't give a shit about the result, and 2 I just try and make a good stroke along the line I've chosen …. But I will definitely have a look at the eyes/aliment tip when I get out again

Randall Marshall says:

Great content

JTNugget says:

The tee looked left to me the entire time.


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