Worst and weirdest golf swing

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Wild golf swing, and the ball actually goes somewhere!!


DAcanyousaymreyes says:

he’s wrist must be swollen after playing 18……….

Durrttyy says:

Is he a logger by trade?

Bob Slat says:

U R AMAZING!!! keep it up 🙂 (jk dont be afraid to hit ur foot)

Ryan Pohl says:

This is awesome, could you upload a swing or two to GolfersTubecom, the
“Rate My Swing” section. I’m really impressed the ball goes anywhere.

Stmarie192 says:

Haha i was hoping he did it when he putted i would have laughed so hard but
he actually hits the ball good like that

jordanaug81 says:

I cant believe he hit as many good shots as he did with that motion. The
ball flight on some of those shots were actually decent. It almost pisses
me off that someone swings a club like this because theres no excuse for it
& its the height of absurd but hey, nice stinger.

Andrew Scott says:

To be honest up until the downswing the swing itself doesn’t look to bad.
And the worst thing about this is the fact that as horrible as it looks, he
still hits a consistent controlled stinging fade!

Jaya Gaboor says:

this is a joke, or?

ctfxcplane says:

I would break all my bones with a swing like that. But it´s working, so why

cgasucks says:

If his ballflight is the same with all his clubs with that swing, he can
win the us open.

comichound says:

@lolraxjimmy yeah, but he destroys the green. lol He’s making set of holes
bigger than the cup at the end.

giorgiomaroda says:

that is fucking hillarious, but yeh what ever works!!!!!!

seckziee says:

The best part is it works!

TheSoccerstud97 says:

Hunter Ranch?

lolraxjimmy says:

So they are just deadly accurate low slices basically?

MinnesotaGolfer says:

I wish I could hit a punch shot that accurate. :/

hawjsta says:

He sweeps at the ball and doesnt have a back swing.

ciaotomese says:

He took that swing to CYPRESS POINT?!?! That’s some serious huevos.

ross kelly says:

hes a gud looking

David Gilpin says:

I love that he practises with a normal swing and then hits it like that!
Keep it up mate if it works who cares. Shots at 0.37 and 0.45 show that!

colonel2397 says:

This is the second person I’ve seen with this kind of swing, the other is
Charles Barkley.

ScruffyNick33 says:

I think it’s great! Strange swings are just nuts because you need more
talent to hit the thing, but if it works who cares????

sailors2011 says:

His shots … :O His swing… :O NICE! 😀


With a comment like that, I think your the disgrace buddy.

todd segel says:

fucking bruce

OpZzShaDoWNi says:

E runs away from the ball

thebassfisher31 says:

thats just awful

TheCmjh says:

I like a golfer like this, he has worked his own way of doing it out, and
the essentials are there, that ridiculous lower body movement is basically
to clear his legs out the way and he certainly stays down through the ball.

Andrew Scott says:

ok I take the first part back, his backswing is pretty awful too.

brandontheninjag says:

During the first swing, I was thinking it looked fine… Til I saw the
follow through. And his practice swing looks normal. But that follow
through… Seems as though he’s hitting the ball well though. Whatever
works, I guess.

Travis Bartz says:

Charles Barkley vs. BRUCE

Caddyshack Rentals Ltd says:

The weirdest swings we’ve ever seen (& we’ve seen some strange ones in our
time)! http://youtu.be/JIK86gr4vks Who’s seen weirder swings? #Friday

gOlFiNg says:

how is his practice swing nice, but his actual swing disgusting?

Dan C says:

Sports science should do a trackman analysis of his golf swing

Jeremy Chapman says:

I bet his head hurts bad after a round trying to groove that swing path
over and over…heehee

Aaron Y Ireland says:

I just became worse by watching this.

TheNYgolfer says:

it takes some athletic talent folks to hit a tiny ball with so many moving
parts :)

Jack Masters says:

How in the FUCK….

TheJamiebroom123 says:

0.55 his practise swing is perfect do your swing like that and you will
improve ;)

kirk jarvis says:

Poetry in commotion.

coolhand7700 says:

I think we all have that one guy in our group that has the weirdest swing…

Baylee Thompson says:

Please check out my golf swing and rate it on my channel! Ive been having
trouble lately…

Tacomadome24 says:

It looks like it hurts to do that.

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