Why Take Your Golf Glove Off When Putting

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itubeutude says:

Good to know glove in back pocket is just done for show.

TheCaptainStinson says:

how about ball positioning for tee-shot and putting? line to target? so
that the ball is totally white on top?

MacClellandMan says:

I remember when they used to be called driving gloves. I still wear a glove
for driving and then in my pocket it goes until the next time I use a wood.

Drew Klepzig says:

First comment! Thanks Mark for the videos! Keep up the good work!

fruitymug says:

nice to have some change in the videos mark, excellent…. keep up the good

Luke Atkinson says:

Haha Tom Watson styleee. You’re a legend mark.

MiniBlueDragon says:

And in addition why use it at all for anything inside 120y when “touch” is
more important than speed and so there’s no need for additional grip on the

Rick Howarth says:

Haha love it.

Mark Angryfield says:

Hogan never wore a glove so I don’t. It is my opinion that players should
strive for sameness on every shot from putt to drive.

stephen steward says:

Thankyou for answering my question , nice vid and makes sense , thank you .

NZSmall says:

I used to just keep it on all the time but then I got a pretty bad tan line
so now I take it off after every shot.

Matthew Brandl says:

Putting is a rocking rocking motion so it does not matters as long as the
grip pressure is the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Parr says:

Totally do the same. It gets quite sweaty and I don’t need the agitation
when putting. I’m more of a fingers hanging out of the back pocket kinda
guy….. if you know what I mean?! 🙂

skia4life89 says:

Hey Mark, Love all of the videos, they have helped my game a ton since I
first discovered you on you tube. Lately though I am having some blister
issues on my left pointer finger right where my right pinky over laps for
my grip (I am right handed player). Could this be due to dry skin due to
winter months, or is a grip issue? It started about a month ago. Any
answers would be great.


steven fenton says:

i find i keep my glove on the hole round and i love the way it numbs my
left hand when putting… eg putt with feel from my right hand during the
stroke and not with the left….

Clayton Landells says:

And it stops the golfers tan line on the glove arm! I akways forget to take
it off abd have a horrible tan line. I like the idea of more feel for chips
pitches and putts, not sure if it actually makes a difference

Joel Jeter says:

Why does he say “let’s get stuck in”

Reinout Schotman says:

Preserve glove? What about preserve time? Putting glove on and off at every
hole should easily add up to 15 minutes per round. Rediculas. Keep’m on or
off, stick too it and play golf.

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