Why is my Golf Game Not Improving? | Golf with Aimee

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Many golfers ask why they are not getting better. In today’s Golf pep-talk show, we will talk about this issue. This will for sure help you to gain patience, and take your golf game to the next level!

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JJ Massie says:

it’s a frustrating game…

Hyungjin Joo says:

you look ~ gorgeous! in this vedio.  and i also have to say.. thank you for maiking 'english version' everytime

jack Clothier says:

I hope you can talk about fat shots with irons and drills to fix it!! 🙂

Scott Willi says:

You have to love the process. Sure there's times that suck, but it's the process that gets you there. It's not a destination but a journey.

Robert Salazar says:

great video Aimee! i've been struggling with a swing change and getting frustrated. Thanks for the reminder it doesn't happen overnight. I will keep patient!

Speedster2707 says:

Okay. You talked me off the ledge…for now. It's been a little over 2 1/2 years. I've been practicing my hands off and taking lessons. Still shooting around 104! Arrggghh! Was going to sell my (new Rouge X) clubs and take up something easier like figure skating, but I'm going to push through.

Pakgolf4 Azeem says:

You do a pretty good job teaching golf. Wondering if you are teaching somewhere.

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