Why Golf Lessons Don't Improve Your Golf Game

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Why Golf Lessons Don’t Improve Your Golf Game

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Here Alistair Davies and Alex Fortey from The Art of Simple Golf Share WHY YOU AND MOST OTHER GOLFERS DON’T IMPROVE at golf. Golf is a challenging game there is no denying it, but why you struggle to see everlasting improvement in golf is simple. But the faults are easily remedied also. When you follow conflicting information on youtube golf videos the golf channel and tips from friends you are getting confused and you end up going round in circles.



william ross says:

All my friends have taken lessons and got worse. I was out driving my buddies 50-100 yards and ht fairway 75%.. I took lessons before and it was a disaster. So, stupid me, thought the problem was not take lessons every week and maybe that would help. I practiced 4-5 days each week with technique, and another disaster. Lessons were 1 to 2 times a week. Non I hit fairways 25% . I'll never take another lesson.

Marc says:

You can't say that golf lessons don't work.
Nobody can start playing golf without a teacher.

Norman Kleinberg says:

I know I've seen another video where similar ideas were discussed. In particular, the idea that adjustments need to be done in twos: If you make one change to a swing without also making a second, matching change then you can make the swing worse (basically your argument about the shallow backswing with over the top). You're probably right about it being preferable to focus on implementing a fix for a specific problem (e.g. the shallowing/steepening moves of Jim Hardy) rather than adopting a whole new swing concept, but a lot of people can't abide the idea of playing with a "patchwork" swing; i.e. they want to build the perfect swing "from the ground up", even if that's unattainable and regardless of how many times they've tried and failed. They'd rather do that than play with a swing which works reasonably well, allows them to play enjoyable golf, but which has been patched here and there to fix certain flaws.

Fred C. Dobbs says:

In my opinion, golfers do not improve because they would rather play than learn. They consider a bucket at the driving range as "practice". They look for the quick and easy fix, either the latest video or a new driver. I don't believe that golfers need lessons to improve. Nobody taught them to throw a baseball but they all learned how to do that on their own. They are all missing the one thing they really do need. They need to get away from the golf course and their friends, take a 9 iron and a dozen balls and go whack them around in a place that has a clear 70 yards of grass. Keep hitting that 9 iron for about two months a thousand balls a week. Don't try to hit it 120 yards. Hit it straight and under control for 70 yards or less. It takes time, patience, work and clear thinking. Most golfers aren't interested in that. They want to play. They will always stink it up.

Grumpy Old Man says:

"The ball won't lie". Perfectly said and perfectly true.

Methodic L says:

People don't get better because coaches don't teach "Golf". They teach "pretty swing". Because that's where the money's at and as long as they can string you along into thinking that a pretty swing equals good golf you will keep coming back.

KApapa Tence says:

The golf swing is a blended motion and should be taught that way. You did not learn how to throw a ball by having someone teach you certain static positions that you should obtain. I have a feeling that the older teachers of golf taught it as a full motion—not a takeaway, then a backswing, then a transition, then a downswing, then impact, and finally a follow thru. It is all one motion and should be learned as such.


Um for whatever reason I can chip close and far away and usually get very close every time. Best part of my game. My irons suck. My driver seems more consistent than my irons and idk why. I started taking lessons only one so far..I see what I have to do but it feels unnatural. Maybe that's normal idk but I want to improve so if changing my grip and moving my body in a different way will help I'm willing to try rather than shooting mid 90tys and having occasional shanks or.irons that go directly left into the woods. Im getting a lot of lessons so I'm hoping I will be consistent and be able to hit ball pure. Idk i hope lessons help..I play twice a week and hope I improve. Everybody has their opinions and tips and pointers. I fucking stopped drinking when I golf, that's how much I want to improve.


Perfect video. Im just glad there are guys like you out trying to help. Just from experience with my golf is I really didn't understand it. I think other amateur golfers are like me. We swing so hard and over the top and can't really see club head at impact. Plus even if we watch it we don't understand it. We think we do but we don't. I just always have that have to hit ball syndrome. Just didn't realize how the club head and hands worked to hit the ball. You can go watch 1000 videos telling you to not aim your hands at the ball and roll/turn your left back hand into the ball or hands don't hit the ball the club does. Hands need to roll or hand don't roll. Your getting stuck. Right elbow close to hip oh wait no your right elbow away from your hip because of what you do at the top with your hands but my revilashing came when I figured out my grip was so wrong that I could have never in a million years got my arms and club out in front of my body. Every time I worked on getting my hips open to get through the ball the worse it got. But my coach kept saying turn harder and all it did was put the club further back behind me. So to my point being I've played crappy golf for 2 years because my grip was wrong putting my hands, wrist, arms in very weird places because were I was taking lessons said that a strong grip was no good. If anyone reads this work on your grip before you ever even hit a ball. May feel a little odd because your not used to it but I promise your body will work easier if you just get a few things correct. Thank you guys but you motivated me to tell my whole story here. Lol.

Stevey Irwin says:

I think the real problem is people don't stick with golf lessons long enough, you have to get worse at golf to get better or else you're going to hit a ceiling pretty damn quick while only improving your skill without technique. These guys are basically saying golf lessons don't work unless you're us lol

Corek BleedingHollow says:

Because of old unconscious swing habits

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