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What’s in the bag? Me and My Golf. Piers and Andy visit the Kingdom at TaylorMade and show you “what’s in the bag”. SUBSCRIBE to MeAndMyGolf to see more prof…



Taylormade TPMB’s are the way forward

Dominic Piggott says:

im struggling on my short game have you got any tips.
i have a good golf course to go to its called North Wilts golf club

Chris Kitching says:

What grips do you guys use on your clubs?

jai thakker says:

how do you get to go there and get the fitting and all done , because i
would like to go there my self

Nelson Farias says:

Piers! Whats your lie and shaft lenght? Same as Andy? Tks

CTaylorGaming says:

What’s Andy’s fitness routine for golf?

Brenton Tuckey says:

What putters do you guys use?
I liked the length of the putter that Andy uses in the putting video but
you guys didn’t make any mention to the putters that you have in your bag.
I am wanting to upgrade my putter but there are so many to choose from and
I have no idea where to start.

Gino Lopriore says:

You’d play better golf if you tried clubs across all brands & used what
works best. This is just a taylormade add. Not buying it.

Golfguy076 says:

In the bag – Taylormade

DFlannery2 says:

what about your putters?

liam f says:

Keep drinking the Kool Aid boys, of course we all like new toys, but the
key test is…. have these clubs made you scores lower ?
You 2 guys and other pro’s and fitters are all involved in the industry .
Every other week the manufactures bring out new clubs, they claim they are
better than the last model.
The fact of the matter is , it is more important to master the clubs you
own. Not fall for the industry nonsense that the latest model is better.

Fitting is almost useless, you hit repeated balls with various clubs of a
mat with perfect lie, eventually you decide what you like more.
Then you go out on the course and guess what…..you still suffer from the
same issues you had before the fitting. On the course you only get one
chance to hit the shot you want, after a couple of months you end up
playing an almost identical game that your previous clubs gave you.
How long are you lads gonna play these particular clubs, that apparently
have been perfectly fitted for you ? My guess is it will be under 18
months before the entire bag has changed.
Enjoy the vids by the way 

Mc Halpin says:

How much would it cost to get clubs fitted for me? Would I have to pay for
the set and extra for being fitted?

James Harris says:

lets get stuck in again.. lol

Jordan Cox says:

The question is – Are these real off the shelf TaylorMade’s or are they
Japanese forged and brand stamped? 🙂 How “Pro” are Andy and Piers? 

ChipShot Falash says:

Whats your Guys hadicap?

hertsman10 says:

Andy isn’t there a copyright to let’s get stuck in?

LoaforDie says:

What about grips? Looks like Golf Pride VDR.

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