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Simon Fung says:


supernom says:


golfninja says:

Merry Christmas guys, hope you all have a good one. A good thought on hips
turning on the backswing, focus on your right back pocket during the
backswing it actual turns towards the target and then it will stay on the
‘imaginary wall’ behind you.

Colm McCaffery says:

Happy Christmas guys – great stuff, cant wait for your sessions in 2014
…. gonna hit single figures this year so will keep watching for your tips

divedown25 says:

Very interesting theory. I have short and sour hamstrings since some 15
years ago when during jogging they busted. I have the V1 golf app and have
uploaded some vids of me and could now see that I am moving forward in the
follow through exactly like you suggest I would do. I guess that is one of
the reason of the 50-60 y I loose in driver distance vs. yours steady
280-300 y drives.

supernom says:

hey guys I tried the squat exercise but my chair stops me from getting
below parallel, any tips? oh and have a merry christmas

kingsbridge31 says:

Any good stretches to help with forward extension? Keep up the good work
guys. Merry Christmas

golfninja says:

Notice you both very craftily got a third man in to actually do the
exercises!! …. remember Andy a beard is not just for Christmas, ha.

Juan C. Piñero says:

Merry chistmas to all of u.! I’ve been having a fun with all of your santa
claus tutorial and challenges 

Juan Carlos Munoz says:

Merry Christmas and greetings from Guatemala !

Viserys78 says:

Wonderful test, I am always struggling with early extension with an open
face at the impact.
I didn’t know the deep squat test.

Thanks and merry Christmas!

Keep going guys I am from Italy, when I’m going on vacation in England I
will be happy to have a golf lesson from you! 

Jay Smooth says:

Thanks so much guys! I love your vids and share them on FB and here all the
time. Thanks again. I’ll get to work on this. Merry Christmas to you both
and your families. p.s. My kids laughed at me because I was asking you what
my butt should be doing in the swing. LOL 

Chris Walsh says:

Thanks! very helpful vid

Cary Elliott says:

Andy, is your stance slightly closed with you driver?

Thumper15 says:

Merry Christmas guys! Great sweater Andy!!! Excellent explanation on the
role of the backside in the golf swing…easy to see and understand. Thanks
again for another great video! 

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