Vw Golf Mk2 1,8 8v Weber “Deep Blue”

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My 1988 Vw Golf mk2 1,8 8v Weber “Deep Blue”.

Bought it in 2012, after 2 years it was done and ready 25th april 2014.

It is 99% new, all nuts/bolts/seals/gaskets/hoses+++

New engine from top to bottom.
All undercarrige is new,wheels,soundsystem by Dynabel is new.

Engine has new 288 camshaft,supersprint exhaust icluding headers is new,weber 32/36Dgv, Misab inlet,lightend flywheel,4speed gearbox,all bushings and such are new,a light ported top incl all inside new and upgraded.

Greenstuff brakepads.Brembo discs.
OEM brakedrums behind thats all new ofcourse.
All parts under car has a extra layor coating for extra protection aginast rust..(the car has and will never be used on even “damp” asphalt;)

the car has a all new sound deafning layer all over the car inside to impore comfort.
Its now better than new, absolutely NO rust,bubbles,scratches at all.

Basicly its a brand new car.

Reused and renewed parts: Seats,steeringwheel,dashboard, side plastic panels,seatbelts!!

Movie by: Simon Klovning. Simon@simonklovning.com


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