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Its Masters week and to celebrate the first major of the year Chris Ryan uses the Augusta national Golf Course as inspiration for this video on how two simple techniques can help you with your breaking putts.

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Samuel McCormick says:

Rory will win but big Phil is the best E/W bet

atomant830 says:

Great info, I would like for Rickie Fowler to win. No better time than now to get that 1st major checked off.

T Ray says:

Great video I've never really thought about the starting line I was more focused on the hole.

BeachBow says:

I'm hoping a complete unknown wins. Just another Cinderella story!!

Wayne Wooding says:

Great video as always Chris. Of course my golf heart would love to see Tiger win. But I think it’s time for Justin to get the green jacket.

Ralph Perez says:

I wish Europeans would stop calling "The Masters" —The US Masters, there is only one "real" Masters founded by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts. Anything else, ie Volvo Masters, Singapore Masters, Australian Masters etc. are an imitation.

James Sawyer says:

It would be nice to see Tiger but there are so many that are up to it also.   Phil M is my #1.

Travis Sawicky says:

Great Tip, Thanks Mate!!

Rob Brailey says:

Timely putting tips Chris, although I prefer to think about a clock face for entry point, I.e. 8 O'clock. Simple & effective, as always. Thanks.

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