Triathlon Tips: Putting on a wetsuit –Marc and Helen Jenkins Tips Series-

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GE Capital Ambassadors Helen and Marc Jenkins take you through their top tips for competing in a Triathlon. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these ti…


chris milly says:

Sporting successes aside, DAMN that girl is FOINE!!

24697298 says:

A great world champion. And being beautiful helps 🙂

grosso moddo says:

Oh boy. beautiful 😀

spentfromnz says:

Petroleum jelly degrades rubber.

Bob Glidden says:

Just perfect. I’m sorry, i do not want to be rude but what a perfect body.
Every part is tuned and in shape. She is delightful to watch. And dark hair
makes her astonishing. Sorry, i had to comment. Now i have to pick up my
jaw from the ground :o

Bob Glidden says:

Lucky bastard………..

Jake Draper says:

Petroleum jelly and neoprene do not mix … Use bodyglide which is safe …
Only use petroleum jelly if you’re sponsored and get free wetsuits …

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