Transfer Your Weight For Better Golf Shots

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Close Watch Mark Crossfield show you how to transfer your weight with his drill. Improve your golf game today with Mark Crossfield’s FREE videos.


MaJo DiuLi says:


grizzellgolfer says:

could you do a video of your colf clubs i would like to see what u play thanks

dohpaz says:

very interseting hint, i tend to not shift my weight, i will try this and post the result 🙂

MarceloBustamante says:

Great explanation and a great drill. My results have improved after applying this tip – thanks.

MarceloBustamante says:

Great explanation and a great drill. My results have improved after applying this tip – thanks.

Andy Caird says:

Thanks for posting! very informative!
If you check out Mo Norman’s stance, he insists that the ball should ‘Always’ be 4 or 5 inches in front of centre, ie: in-line with the heal of your lead foot!

sessien says:

 Your weight should shift to the front foot before the swing and stay there. There is no real weight shift during the swing. It is in the set up.

golfnutster says:

This video has a good drill to help us transfer our weight for improving our ball striking.

Drjet670 says:

One of the best drills I have seen.

Drjet670 says:

One of the best drills I have seen. Thank you.

si355 says:

I will have a crack at this. Topping just kills confidence and I know I’m better than that! Also good is the step or 2-step drill. Look it up.

Opticallens says:

Hi Mark,
With the transfer of weight do you move across first (keeping hips mostly closed) then back as you straighten your left leg (open through impact)?
Appreciate any comments

si355 says:

Having now tried this it is the most effective drill I have ever used. I did find it quite easy, but the way it promotes the move does then transfer to your standard setup when you move the ball back.

Brilliant. Wish I lived near Exeter as Mark seems to explain things in a way which I can use them with my swing.

Great work.

underpardoode says:

Great tip but would it not be better to play the ball and inch or so further back in your stance?

gysgtallen1 says:

Great drill! I’ve been hitting the ball much better once using this drill. Thanks!

JimmyJoe BillyBob says:

Looks like a perfect drill for me. I’ll try it at the range today and let you now. Topping and hitting the ball fat are constant problems for me. Huge power loss when hitting the ground first! Thanks, Mark!

dazzler2733 says:

hi mark, been watching your weight transfer video, i am having the exact fault myself, in impact position , i have to much weight on my right foot , tho i am hitting the ball ok, they are high in flight and i do tend to thin my long irons, is there a feeling or thought i can have when starting downswing, many thanks dazz

mattt101 says:

I think I have a similar problem although find myself not transferring weight onto right leg in backswing especially when using irons. Has anyone got any drills to sort this?

auburn722 says:

My problem is I play all shots with that forward ball position except wedges is that ok?

TigerWoodsWorld says:

imagine if u had grapes under ur right foot on the backswing and just step on the and make them burst and u will achieve weight on the back and bring it threw the left

Ben Salmonsen says:

You are a great teacher. Thats all i have to say. I have studied the golf swing long and hard, but i dont think i have ever seen someone who knows it and can teach it as well as you do. Phenomenal.

johnkim79 says:

Can this drill help with tee shots?

baroberts says:

great drill. Thanks

Matt L says:

moe norman used to hit the ball like this on the course and he was probably the straightest hitter of all time

jdmars011 says:

excellent drill…

Leftienige Blank says:

Hi Mark, another good’n. This is me to a “T”, most iron shots fat . When you return the ball to its proper position, do you keep your eyes fixed to the spot (5 or 6 inches ahead) where the ball was during the drill?

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