TOUR FADE LESSON Milo Lines, PGA Gives a teaches it to Drew Cooper | BE BETTER GOLF

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Thanks to San Diego Golf Instructor @edlasatergolf (on IG) for filming with his phone when mine ran out or juice.

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chachifeere says:

great video, like to see more teaching of milo to students either on his or your channel

teddy thodo says:

not overswinging out of his shoes, he's not NBA-tall and he's not overly buff.. where is this speed coming from? I mean there is some long drive dudes who are shorter in distance and slower in speed– and those guys are swinging out of their minds. What's Drew's secret? could it really be proper weight shift sequence of champions?

Roenie's Gaming Empire says:

For the average golfer with a close to 90 mph clubhead speed, the extra rotation from teeing it lower and hitting a cut likely won't give as much distance as teeing it higher and hitting it more on the way up will. Drew hits it so fast he can get away with teeing it lower and hitting less on the way up.

Simon Lawrence says:

Do you have a slot motion of Drew swing ?

Raymond Floyd says:

I swing with twice as much effort for half the distance, beat that.

D Lud says:

Poor Drew has turned into the bearded lady of the group. Just keep swinging buddy.

Diego Diaz says:

Absolutely ridiculous.. he hits it further than I go on holiday.

drroger98 says:

This kind of reminds me of your video showing Monte's way to hit a punch/knockdown shot. Weight left, stay left, swing left. Except with nuclear speed

Damien Dabideen says:

How much credit does the autoflex get on these new records? I can't believe that shaft didn't break! Can you tell us what playing length and the swing weight of the autoflex/SIM2 combo?

Kebuin Kebuin says:

want to see drew vs milo 18 holes match play

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