Top 5 shanks by pro golfers. Fore right!

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This golf video contains that top 5 shanks hit by professional golfers on the PGA or LPGA Tour. Tiger Woods, Nick Watney, Hunter Mahan, Webb Simpson, Paula C…


Max Wang says:

Lol I feel a little better about my own game now… 😛

Larry Word says:

Literally no one cares.

Frank Champion says:

No belly Iron for webb Simpson lol

chevychaseinga says:

how often does this happen to a pro and how often to YOU my friends… nice
to watch but its all about consistency. I am still “shanking” 1 out of 3,
so Im still unable to get below 25. I hope to get up to 1/6, then I should
be able to get below 15, thats my target for the next 2 years… but pros?
1/50 max

stevepising says:

Was Watney’s a shank? finished maybe 20 yds right of the green and pin high
on a PGA tour par 3 – so prob about a 200yd hole. Same with tigers, ball
prob went about 200 to green high. A semi shank at most. Mahan’s was a
proper hosel rocket though.

buc4ever19 says:

bullshit. do your research on foley. Mechanical principles with feels to
accomplish them.

Shaun Stokes says:

The course record on most courses is 59 so no they wouldnt lmao

Jacob Hempel says:

literally that was so uncalled for.

Sean H says:

Tiger’s was just a double cross not a shank, but holy hell Mahan

Nick Kenis says:

Tiger Woods’ shank is spectacular.

Brooks Colquitt says:


W. Jones says:

I was there for Nick Watney’s shank. I actually can spot myself in the
crowd. Right before he took his 2nd shot, some guy’s phone goes off and the
guy says, “My bad.” everyone, including Watney, just glared at him.

robert medlicott says:

and out all them its tiger who has eticate (bad spelling) and respect to
shout ‘fore’

TheNYgolfer says:

Tiger’s “shank” had a nice little draw on it. Shanks don’t do that :)

IIExhibitAII says:

Why do these damn announcers always seem so shocked when they see a shank
or bad shot.. Pros are still human.. I wanna see their asses up there and
not shank a ball here or there! 

Antony Gwynne says:

Welcome to my world!!!

SmoothJazz98 says:

Watney hits shanks better than my good hits.

Matt Brighton says:

Ok, I feel much better now. After seeing Hunter Mahan, Tiger Woods and Webb
Simpson do what I’ve done on the range for two days. I’m glad I didn’t snap
my 8 iron now.

blackjackcz says:

It is good to see a pro make one of these shots every once and while.
Makes me feel a little better about my game. 

mick h says:

What joy! I cannot overstate my gratitude for posting this

Gavin Mawson says:

thought that was mitchell johnson

Stone Salter says:

I recall seeing Jack Nicklaus (of all people) shank one at the 12th hole of
Augusta National (of all places). Unfortunately I could not find any
existing video, or else it would be number one on this list.

Drew Williams says:

Paula creamers so hot

Jonathan Tino says:

Lol creamer? I hardly know her

Pierre Rattini says:

Makes me feel human… My expectations of my game outway my ability… I
needed to see this Thanks 

jimmy doglay says:

holy fuck i feel better after watching this lol

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