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TOP 5 PUTTING GRIPS – In this week’s Impact Show, we take a look at our top 5 putting grips. We discuss which grips we prefer, and which putting grips can suit you and why.

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Cole McGowan says:

Claw/pencil outside of 10 feet, reverse overlap inside 10

James Gray says:

Which style does Jordan Speith use?

Dale Richardson says:

Been using the ‘fleetwood’ grip, where the knuckles of the higher hand sit on the lower hand arm and the lower hand is doing a pencil grip but the finger goes down the side of the shaft, very effective I feel

Danny Maude says:

Great idea for a video guys

Simon Thorpe says:

Been using the prayer grip for a few months now and it has helped my putting no end

Balint Orban says:

I used to do the prayer grip with a thick superstroke grip with a face balanced putter but found I wouldn’t have the greatest feel on long putts so I went back to a bladier putter with the classic reverse overlap grip and it works great

Aart van der Molen says:

Almost 550,000…… congrats ! nevertheless, you will be beaten by Rick soon 🙂

baba styler says:

Reverse overlap

Nicholas Roney says:

I use more of the Fleetwood style claw grip.

Curtis Mcgrail says:

I putt with a hybrid of the prayer and the Dechambeau, stumbled across it on the practise greens one morning and felt 100% confident for once on the greens. More like a Matt Kuchar putting style

Alexander Turner says:

I switched to Lead Hand Low about 2 years ago and I was able to get more distance control and the ability to start it on the line i was looking at.

Steven Farmer says:

I go left hand low. It has help me slow down, but I will have to try the reverse grip.

Matthew Toohey says:

What do you mean by face balance putter etc? Are there certain grips that work better for different putters and does grip thickness change any of these options? I have a pistol grip at the moment but considering changing to the thicker grips.

Robert Bogdan says:

Reverse overlap but with an extended index finger ala Brooks Koepka. Been using that for 30+ years so I'm thinking Brooks must have copied me. 🙂

Golfing With us says:

Super helpful!! I played a round yesterday using the prayer grip

Olli S. says:

Bad sound/music mix.

Mathew Banning says:

How do you keep a straight back stroke when putting?? Help

Leigh D says:

I was noticing that each grip had a putter grip (rubber part) that worked better with it. Obviously the prayer grip wouldn't be at all good with a narrow curving rubber grip like Odyssey use. Also the pencil grip would be uncomfortable unless you had big hands using a Superstroke fatty grip. Probably more than the grip used would be the size of rubber grip to hand size as this is where it all comes down to for putter control. Comments?

Special Olympics Saskatchewan Golf TV says:

The claw grip is unreal tried it at the range yesterday saw some amazing results and switching to it good bye left hand low putter grip

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