Tom Watson’s Secret to the Golf Swing

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October, 2005, Angeles National Golf Course, Los Angeles, CA

Tom Watson’s Secret is out!


dso1986 says:

u r the one who is nuts, it’s clear that he is describing a FEELing. if an amateur or whoever cannot discern this fact they are the one at fault. this is possibly the greatest advice ever!
its GREAT advice.
ur just completely wrong and it’s because ur oversized ego is saying i can teach better
also i didn’t even know who tom watson was until he almost won the british open. so classic sheep?
probably that’s YOU! who thinks golf instruction msut be delivered one way and one way only

lafontaineadam says:

HAHAHAHA i was thinking the same exact thing. cheers!

lafontaineadam says:

@cockywatchman1976 THIS ADVICE HELP ME SO MUCH!!! took my 4 handicap and made it vanish! Thanks Tom! You’re the best *two thumbs up* And dont worry about cockwatcher Tom he just needs to go watch some more cocks to keep his blood pressure down otherwise he gets a little ansy. COCKWATCHA76!!!

KesherMedia says:

See, it’s just that easy!

GolfSwingFreaktv says:

This is exactly what I am working on!

virtualbown says:

Tom’s main point is retain your spine angle through out the WHOLE swing. That is not bad advice. It’s terrific advice and also quite hard to do.

mcctee says:

I am definitely a Tom Watson fan for his golf accomplishments and his demeanor.

GolfMatthew says:

Uh. No you won’t. If your weight shift is proper, which Tom is assuming it is, then this is great advice. The ONLY way this will make you come OTT is if your weight shift and/or setup is poor.

GolfMatthew says:

You’re such an idiot.

GolfMatthew says:

Wow. No. Just no. Tour players don’t start the swing with just the hips anymore. They drop the hands and clear the hips at the same time. Super g proved that. So you’re wrong there. And keeping the right shoulder back while leading with the lower body will create a flip hook, proved by biomechanics and Ben Hogan. Where are you getting this shit from? You’re so wrong its crazy.

David Schultz says:

after a year and a half of searching and becoming a student of my own swing, i am at the point where this exact “tip” or “feeling” has made a RIDICULOUS improvement in my ball striking. i too was so damn inside out from all these stupid tips about hitting a draw and coming from here or dropping the shoulder there. what a load of nonsense.

God bless you tom, from another kansas city born and bred.

xGimpyx says:

Mashed Potatoes!

JohnThe41 says:

Best Golf Swing Training.

teygrxx says:

Yup, spine angle is the major key wiithout a doubt. When I start to hit poorly and do other bad things I just go back to maintaining good spine angle that fixes most of it. Spine angle fixes so many of the other tips like.. keep your head down, stay in the shot, clear the hips, swing plane, etc. All of that happens automatically when you maintain proper spine angle. Now… if I could just figure out how to maintain spine angle consistantly…. Lol

David Schultz says:

it’s not even really “spine angle”. it’s turning your shoulders how he describes, as well as having your shoulders be parallel to the clubshaft. if you hold a club straight out in front of you, shaft lying level to the ground and toe pointing straight up, the only way to swing and keep the club level to the ground is if your shoulders turn level too. Since you bend over, your shoulders must still turn “level”, but in the sense that you are turning level while bent over.

danason20501 says:

Imagine two dowl rods sticking up out of the ground the same height as you are and outside and just behind your pinky toe. You need to make your backswing and down swing inside that area. Your target side hip will touch and press the forward dowl 6 to 8 inches toward the target. Weight transfers from the inside right foot at the top to inside left foot first, then you swing through. The matching shoulder angles is great dead on description of this complex move.

watertonrivers says:

More terminology; Just think of turning around an axis…An axis does not move. Also learn not to reach for the ball, stand tall, knees slightly flexed and turn your shoulders around the axis!!

RitaChavez15 says:

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KaraRobbinstg says:

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GerardoLittle7p says:

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Mark Jansen says:

Tom is absolutely right, but he is forgetting that most amateur golfers lack the flexibility to turn their body that way.

sincitysin20 says:

Tom should be ashamed to play at Angeles National Golf Club! About 10 employees are suing for sex and anti-Jewish discrimination! They are an embarrassment to the PGA!

GolfSwingTipsBlog says:

For more Tips and quick fixes, visit:
golfswingtipsblog. com

Mikee535 says:

I can’t believe the negative comments and advertising here. This is good advise and one of the many parts of a sound swing.

robbleroy428 says:

9 people lose their spine angle all the damn time.

TheSlim1976 says:

Cockwatcha you are a bell end, this is the best advice I’ve ever had, never swung the club as well !

chuck3377 says:

Listen, I am pissed about my back, so I am going to give you all the secret for free. You MUST play in the subconscious, not the conscious.

Rafa14789632 says:

Chuck3377 is 100% right, don,t think

watertonrivers says:

Folks, if you want to play good or even great Golf, pay close attention to this video…I know because I have been playing for 48 years and this is the greatest lesson you will ever see!!

rne1971 says:

So Tom Watson, major winner and still going strong on tour at his age, doesn’t know what he’s talking about? He’s hit more golf balls than we’ve had hot dinners, so I reckon he might just have a clue.

Also, your comment about ‘tour players don’t do it like that’ is pointless. 99% of folks learning on YouTube are not tour players, just normal weekend golfers. This tip helped me and, looking at the comments, a lot of others.

Btw, the tip is from at least one tour pro who DOES hit it like that.

bensta690 says:

omg… this is the missing link in my swing… i was doing the exact same thing and no matter how hard I tried i couldn’t stop my head from lowering in my swing or coming from the inside or hitting it fat- this keeps my head level and doesnt hunch my back!! I’ma drill this out for the next 2 weeks XD

fauxbot5000 says:

Absolutely fantastic information here. Look for the video “Plane and Release by Feel” for more great information related to turning your shoulders around your spine.

dailydealcaddie says:


spontekk says:

I love this guy and his honest training methods. I have his book on the short game – getting up and down. The best read improved my short game drastically.

georgesrhart says:

it took this dummy that long to figure out you have to stay down on the ball?

Liam Davies says:

shit this actually works haha

A4nkid100 says:

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flowseidon14 says:

Tom Watson has over 70 professional wins 8 of those being majors. I think he knows where he is getting this “shit” from.

flowseidon14 says:

Tom Watson has over 70 professional wins 8 of those being majors. I think he knows where he is getting this “shit” from.

tisanosennbazuru says:

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Doris Harris says:

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James Sexton says:

“This dummy” ? !! Who the hell are you ? !

georgesrhart says:

someone who became a 4 handicap after 10 months of playing, who are you?

James Sexton says:

4 point what? Which club do you belong to ? I assume the handicap committee have you listed ? Id like to see that please.

Yuri Brinckmann says:

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Tim Poulos says:

Dont forget that at the top of your swing you are going to feel really steep. Once you figure out that the downswing starts from the ground up, and you make the first move down with your hips this will be gold. The hips turning left with pulll your shoulders with it. Stay in your posture and feel the torque. What a way to hit balls……

Dreama40 says:

17 dislikes?????????????? Really ! This guy has won 8 MAJORS, how many have you won?, honestly pfffft, folks this advice is PRICELESS if u want to play good golf.

tomfallon11 says:

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Eri Ratna says:

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