Tiger Woods, Stop hurting yourself, Better golf, with the Moe Norman golf swing.

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For more info on learning Moe’s great swing visit http://moenormangolf.com/aff/link.html?p=kirkjunge&w=opg This is a shorter version of the following video. …


Chris Scott says:

With tiger’s talent and power this swing would do wonders for him. Btw I
found it funny that over the weekend in an interview kellymslater mentioned
he was a “moe norman guy” and that he likes using a single plane swing.
Nick Faldo almost immeaditley changed the subject to Ben hogan and didn’t
even touch on the single plane at all. Kind of rude i thouht

gashmanxxx says:

Would a single plane swing work with a fast swing speed???

Chris Scott says:

Kirk you should tweet the video to tiger personally

Mark McDonald says:

It’s a brave new world out there, Kirk. Once the ice melts from the
practice range, I will begin to experiment, and give you a field report.
I’m a 17-handicapper, 65 years old, so my I go in with modest expectations.

gashmanxxx says:

Tried the single plane swing today with my swing boom!!! Straight left
lol…two shots went dead straight!!! Interesting… Does it work with

William Bush says:

It seems like there are several swing theories her on youtube; and that can
be confusing.

Mark McDonald says:

Kirk, two hooks for you: (1.) Moe Norman’s swing delivered a square club
face, with hands well forward. May I assume this move enabled Mr. Norman to
control ball-flight and impart ball-spin? (2.) In his swing, Mr. Norman has
“quiet” feet. At the address position, did he have weight back on his
heels? On the balls of his feet? Or balanced distribution heel to toes? 

Chris Scott says:

I brought this idea up in facebook after seeing some golf digest post
asking if tiger was done. I got slammed with responses asking me if If I
seriously thought tiger should go to a single plane golf swing. It’s stupid
to think there’s still so many people don’t give this PROVEN swing method
credit just because now norman isn’t a household name. I’ve switched over
the past few months and will not go back to a conventional swing or any
other swing method

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