Tiger Woods – Definitive Putting Warmup Routine – Analysis by Notah Begay

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Tiger is #2 this year in STROKES GAINED PUTTING tied with Luke Donald. (Aug 10, 2013)


Gman6755 says:

Wish I could knock in all my four footers like that! Impressive!

Mick Nelson says:

I would be scared to hit one of those tees and duff a putt on live tv lol no thanks

Nextup2012 says:

Really smart drill!

e james says:

tiger needs to arch his wrist more. But he ain't gonna revamp his stroke at 40 years of age.
"you can't teach an old dog new tricks."

Cupillac says:

I pity so well in this drill with one hand. it allows me to release the putter through the stroke. once the left hand comes back onto the putter I start missing again

JChills says:

Did that woman really ask why a straight putt? Because you want to get the ball in the hole…

LS7Liverpool says:

You know I was watching some old videos of Tiger putting, and when he was at his best, like in this video, he always has a really narrow stance. While in 2015, he seemed to have a much wider stance, and his putting seemed to suffer. Idk just something I noticed that seemed interesting.

Jp McDade says:

36. After he found a straight putt and put the tees in the ground he made 36 consecutive putts on a half sized hole, many of them one-handed. I bet if that hole had a lid on it, each ball would roll 12 to 14 inches past the cup. He does it with the mechanical precision that can only come from a lifetime of repetition. I can picture him doing this for hours as a ten year old when all the other kids were at the pool. This is how you become great at something. Who, in any sport or art or field, has that much talent and the discipline to match?

Austin Steed says:

1:30 looks like a machine.

david cong says:

I can not believe that you comment my video! Thank you for your videos

G Tank G says:

I watch this video with the sound off… Just saying

Cereal Milk says:

Does anyone else think that tiger used a Scotty Cameron made to look like a Nike method?

Nate Johnson says:

The GOAT. Get well soon Tiger, the golf world needs you back. Majors just aint same wit out you

Dick Blackbeard says:

Dude. That’s insane. I was gonna write something profound but I’m to lost. Go Tiger.

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