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This will transform your wedge play. In this weeks Impact Show we will show a key component to scoring which is to understand your wedge distances. We show you a great way to work out yours so nest time you’re on the golf course, those short distances will be dialled in.

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flitzo111 says:

Klasse erklärt,genau seine Distanzen zu wissen ist am wichtigsten!

Daniel D says:

Some days I feel what I’m doing and what I’m trying to do in my swing and other days I don’t have that same connection with mind and body. How can I maintain the same good feelings in my swing on a daily basis?

colin leakey says:

How easy is it to sharpen the grooves

salad5469 says:

too much divots for my liking, still prefer the "stan"'s way of approaching wedge shots that you guys did about 2 yrs ago.

Chris Mobbs says:

Do you plan near engage in recreation improve on golf? be taught the better secrets at this point

Yusuf Ismail says:

Hey..if you guys don't mind please could you do a video on ball positioning for every club ( like wether the ball should be in the centre, infront, abit back etc )

Haitam El Ouarradi says:

I love your content guys, always excited to watch your newest videos. Big fan since 2011!!!

Chris Mobbs says:

figure out you lack just before fool around improved golf? be taught the cap secrets at this time

therealeb33 says:

I wish I hit my 58-105 yds. Andy has a sick simple swing.

monkeybreeks jov says:

PW 50 DEG = 108yards. 52 DEG = 96yards. 56 DEG = 78 yards. 60 DEG = 58 yards.

Reggie Salad says:

What are great tip. I always just wing it…big mistake! Thanks

Jackson Rader says:

I hit my full wedges way to high and lose a ton of distance with them it is like I slide under the ball can you fix that or make a video on that?

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