THIS is the MOST IMPORTANT THING in Putting, Mike MALASKA on Be Better Golf

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Joshua Moon says:

Great video! Cheers to Mike!

Danny says:

This and the older video are soooo good!

Greg Benoit says:

Great vid Brendan. Playing California CC tomorrow, gonna play with this.

76MUTiger says:

Great lesson. Frustrated that in the original video and in this video Mike refers to a string, but didn't use it, didn't show it. Probably has seven of them. Missed opportunity. Further, you said it was a straight putt. You could have earlier actually found a straight putt and the demo would have worked better, but you didn't take the time. This things undermined a brilliant point. Nevertheless, I appreciate the important lesson you provided.

76MUTiger says:

If I align with my eyes to the inside of the ideal spot, would I typically miss to the left or the right ?

Florian Redecsy says:

Absolutely makes sense… and funny enough the only thing I worry about is where my clubface aims at impact… now I also understand why I miss some, always when I feel I can’t see the line… as soon as I see the line I am very confident and make many putts… thank you for making it more aware for me

Christian Traynor says:

I agree with this video 100% but I must be one of the lucky ones. I can only putt well when i have eyes directly above (in reality they might be slightly behind) and I stand up tall with putter kinda close to my feet and feet almost together like how Ricky Fowler putts. I wonder if height is what's helping me, analogous to getting a high-up viewpoint where you can see everything from up there. Also I can practice a long time because my back is less bent over.

Jrampino1 says:

I wonder if this still pertains if you’re cross eye dominant. For instance, like Jack I’m left eye dominant and right handed which is super rare and I putt infinitely better ( I’m a really good putter ) with my eyes directly over the ball. When I get off it’s usually because my eyes are inside the ball.

Steve D says:

Best golf channel on yt

Jimmie Carpman says:

Mike is awesome! Going to try this today. Hopefully going to make some more birdieputts today 🙂

Darrell Short says:

Glad to see I'm not the only one that my eyes do not agree/TRUST the putting line and causes a conflict with my stroke… I use the line on the ball and trust this line from behind and it looks good until address. I know the line is good, so I force myself to stroke to this line (but not with 100% commitment) even though it doesn't look right to my eyes. However, I do sometimes tweak the path or decelerate the putter because I'm not confident. From now on, I will try and move around until the ball line and my eyes see the same line… Another key point you made is when you said the eyes change everyday (Ding, Ding, Ding!)… This makes so much sense to me, by not making adjustments in the set up for the eyes creates the streaky good/bad putter because most of us operate on the theory; it worked yesterday, why isn't working today?… Sorry for being so long winded but this also made putting practice very frustrating because I wasn't making the correct adjustment for my eyes, so I basically skipped putting practice and took my chances on the green during the round…. Basically I thought it was something I was going to have to live with because I was left eye dominate or something to that effect… I'll let you know how I make out… Thanks… Great Post!…

Shizz Sosa says:

That is insane. I did not expect to see the offset from the straight line through the camera. I didn't commit to trying this technique after the last video but will this time for sure.

Stef NJD19 says:

So why can't I just align the line on the ball with my intended putting line, set the putter up so the lines on the ball and the top of the putter match exactly and then just putt (without even looking and as a result aiming wrongly) at the target?

DaveSender66 says:

Mike is awesome!! When you coming to the East coast?

Doug Pittman says:

WOW!!!!! I never would have discovered that concept without your explanation. Thanks You Mike & God Bless.

Ron Nieuwenhuizen says:

Depth perception is in your brain not in your eye. Eye dominance can also play a role in finding the right putting line.

Golf Your Way System says:

Great creative stuff. You've inspired me to post some new videos. Hope to get some input and subscriptions.

Mike Moore says:

I have tried this after watching the first video and just can't get the intermediate point to line up with the hole. What do you do in that case?

Adam Jackson says:

Great stuff!!! More please!

Studio Edin says:

Use the force Luke!

Craig Wollman says:

I guess I’m a freak. I typically have an average between 20 and 27 putts per round, and I have always kept my eyes over the ball.

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