There Are Always Two Lines Golf Putting

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37zmanlake says:

good stuff mark

Tom Edwards says:

Mark, great videos and thanks for the google+ follow…

On putting, would you say there’s a correct weight for each putt, then the line follows that ?
ie, do you prefer firmer straighter putt, or less hard, breaking more … or does it depend on the length of the putt ?

srvfan04 says:

desert springs in arizona?

Josh Cloyd says:

You always want to focus on your speed first. I know I’m not Mark, but I am a scratch golfer. This shows you different routes to get to the same place. If you focus to much on line, you will not focus on speed. Get the speed down and you will start making more one putts and long two putts since seeing a line is more of a gift and seeing speed is more of a drill. I try to get everything 5-10 inches past the cup so if I do miss, it will never be short. Try it and let us know how it worked for you.

Alex Knight says:


Frederick Shaw-Matthews says:

You guys are brilliant! Always a pleasure to watch your videos. Easily my faviroute coach on youtube 🙂

Nick Hough says:

Having a ‘putt off’ would have been good – both play the hole the other way around. 🙂

Nick Hough says:

Spain 🙂

sparko2012 says:

How on earth does he bend down in those blue strides without putting his knee cap thru them?

JAG1651 says:

Hi Mark,

can you do a review of the new Titleist 714 irons just as soon as you are able? I understand most fitters should have the demo/fitting irons in their possession by now. So looking forward to your review on the new range.


luckigolfer says:

I notice GJ was playing an MP ball. I wish Mizuno sold them here in the US.

dairniel says:

James, you should have got that shirt in a medium instead of small.
Nice video anway. I always seem to pick the wibbley-wobbley path, but I am going to try the more direct route next time.

Daniel TheGolfShagger says:

I think I would have gone for the wibbley-wobbley path as well. I get a thrill when I see a ball break 3 feet to the left.

Kevin Barth says:

I give it two years before you’re doing this on the golf channel

Mahavishnu80 says:

lol the golf shagger. i thought that was gorilla.

Gorilla James says:

Dairniel this is a medium I just fill it out sorry

Rob Atkinson says:

can you do a review on the new McDonald 1950’s burger.iam a fat sod and just wanted to know how it fits into a bag,how greasy is it,because and dont want it to be detrimental to my grip.i normally play with a strawberry milkshake which can be very messy,but worth it as it is my favourite.all this talk of food has got me hungry,iam off to grab a healthy doner kebab now.Oh yeah review the doner baby.

Rew Didley says:

Mark, what shoes are you wearing in this video? Ecco?

noodd2 says:

I always found your tips practical, but for this video i was hoping you would discuss more why there would always (?) be twolines to a putt coming from a single point. And I would think that the hole placement also matters? Would’ve liked to have seen more discussion out of the video. Thanks

HeidisBrother says:

Haters are gonna hate. Keep doin your thing GJ.

Marry Ann Hopkins says:



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69whitetiger69 says:

if you think of it there is 100s of lines its all on speed an line?

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