The Top 10 – Unique Golf Swings

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Golfing World counts down the Top 10 Unique Golf Swings. Some have unconventional habits while others are so unique many wonder how they can score so consistently on a regular basis. It just proves that any swing has the ability to be effective. Welcome to Golfing World. Created by IMG Media,…

Is my swing a handicap?
Not so according to these remarkable scenes


tobiasfrida says:

Its funny how Lee westwood is in the beginning at 0:11 (The best swings) and at number 5 2:02 .

Chris Adams says:

i find this difficult to masturbate to!!!!

Rielly Fitch says:

No Jim Thorpe?

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Fullprops says:

Where’s Ray Floyd? Weirdest swing ever.

IOWNA11 says:

Jesus Christ, John looks terrible…

SirGolfsAlot96 says:

why are you yelling?

inmhstn says:

He’s not on tour yet.

jackc575 says:


ffemt8 says:

it’s not unique, it sucks

Andrew Stewart says:

Haha at the end of Natalie Gulbis’s shot there was a zoom in on her ass

MittRomneysHugePenis says:

Can you please stop screaming.

cubingmaniac123 says:

lol i don’t think he is considered a golfer though

hebson21 says:

i feel the same way i have a weird ass swing but i continue to hit the shit out of the ball

Tsenaru says:

sorry to break it to you, but he died back in 2008

plus18HC says:

haha that doesn’t mean we forgot what his swing looked like!

cgasucks says:

Sorry to break it to you, he died back in 2004.

Tsenaru says:

Oh, my bad

robyn Kendrick says:

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mintcocobrown says:

jbluesmusic says:

Bubba Watson has similar swing 1:39

bradentongolfcourse says:

#9 has a nice swing.

picmman says:

golf is quite possibly the most boring game in the world…..second only to watching paint dry.

hunterbholcomb says:

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Thanks very much!!

smurphy903 says:

Fuck u picmman

jd21daugherty says:

he definitely dosen’t get the ball to go straight haha

W4lly16 says:

Where am I on this list? Haha.

bririla says:

come watchmy video!!

Keenan Cartwright says:

Does he actule use one hand

Mackenzie Runkel says:

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Roronoa Zoro says:

Then why are you here on a golf video? You have to be on of the greatest a**holes on YouTube, what’s the point of searching a video just to hate on it? I have ranting bitches like you. The fact is that, these professionals are having fun and playing their a**es out on the courses and they’re making 200 times your yearly income in 3 days. They’re doing something with their lives by playing a sport. What the hell have you done in your existence? Just an educated guess: NOTHING.

picmman says:

damn,,sucked any golfer dick lately??

Oliver Roders says:

Mate you went full retard that time. You never go full retard.

genin69 says:

“Each swing seems to be unrecognizable from the last” ROFL

Karl Finch says:

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Mike Green says:

some of these guys swing like my dead grandma
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blank anamaria says:

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