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chubby chequer says:

Brenden id like to buy this to practice but the problem is how would I know if I am doing it correctly is there some video to refer to

Adam Hazelwood says:

This is a wonderful video. I've been working on this move of late to significant effect. If you can combine the sit with allowing your arm/club unit to drop naturally from the top; it's incredible the momentum you can attain.

k says:

Brilliant, anyone teaching a kid to ride a bike. Would be very interesting to see how much it helps for them to first, hold the hand brakes on, balance on the bike without moving. That's not scary.

L W says:

A roadrunner demonstrating motion smoothness (4:48) with zero f*cks given

Dougie Barnard says:

Love how Dan explains concepts. Stretching in the backswing allows for a proper sit. Hoping to add more stretch and then add more sit.

Todd Ciehomski says:

Photo bombed by that bird at 4:45 Birds are assholes

John Creet says:

Love the content of this video – really well explained.

OEG says:

He is spot on, ive used a cheap rope for a while in training and i must say wow! Been playing golf for 15 years and im a 5hcp, but when i got the rope in my hands and start swinging a whole new world opened up for me!!

Get that training thing he has or use a rope, u will never regret.

9 to 5 Golf Hugh Manning says:

Greta stuff Dan and B. Thanks for addressing the issue of narrowness at the top with the training aid. Purchasing now!

D Lud says:

Nice throw across the diamond

D Lud says:

Road Runner appearance at 4:50

cch068 says:

yeah gravity is pulling us down like it pulls down hang gliders, birds, butterflies etc………oh wait…………..hmm. how about density? something falls because that object is heavier than air. A bird flapping its wings is so strong gravity has nothinng on it.

MANDO A says:

Would like to see a video with you and Martin chuck at the raven in Phoenix AZ …..tour striker school

M W says:

Dog training bumper and a rope $10

blackjackcz says:

Great content!

Tigersmundo says:

The message AWESOME…4:35 Beep Beep! 6:48 Shank

noone says:

Apparently Bryson missed this video

L Dupree says:

Way too much talking. More doing, less talking always better.

Steve Allen says:

You're talking shite!

Mange Larsson says:

Whats your hcp nowadays? After all this lessons.

Joey Dpiano says:

Order from where??

very skeptical says:

My swing is so smooth, and my club head speed with a driver is up to 65 mph…

AR says:

Dan is a genius, I bought the pro, its been a lot of fun using it over the winter… for 100 dollar training aid you get access to the coach now group where u and other can post videos and interact with Dan. There is a ton of content on there and great information. Dan is very active there as well answering questions etc. This has helped me with the insane HIT impulse I have from the top… teaches you restraint to get it to sling first…. then u can use that sling to strike and object.

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