THE SINGLE BEST PUTTING Drill & HOW to read greens MIKE MALASKA, PGA on Be Better Golf

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HeyItsMe says:

Nice video x69w

Benghali In Platforms says:

Mike improved my putting no end with the old video, these latest ones are gold. All for free, thanks B and Mike

mark Roper says:

Thank you guys! Going to be adding that to the quiver! Good stuff, thank you!

e james says:

I don't know about all of this but I DO know that there is a certain look to a real putting stroke. Malaska has it…….obviously the pros have it…….and your lo handicaps have it. Brenden does Not have it. But he's workin on it and trying to get it.

Jon Gee says:

The horizon is flat, the water lays flat, hmmm, I think he's on to something here…..

RC says:

AimPoint Express, you'll thank me later. Get a digital level with % slope and use it to practice feeling what that break feels like in your feet.

M M says:

Best instructor on You Tube by far.

J T says:

Great video, always like hearing from Malaska! There is a typo at 5:07.

e james says:

my bettinardi mallet is a 325 gram head weight with a shaft like a telephone pole. tHE STROKE IS ALL SHOULDERS. bUT YOUR BETTER PLAYERS WOULD NEVER USE IT BECAUSE IT ELIMINATES THE ARTIST IN THEM. oN THE PLUS SIDE… don't get yippy with it. It's like a grandfather clock.

Matt Bennett says:

Great video and the horizon looks great!

brian menendez says:

Can you use a small level to the putting green?

historicus146 says:

I was waiting for the Hogan tenet of reading putts…
when walking from behind cup to behind ball, …..always walk on the LOW SIDE…it gives a much better view .

LearnTT says:

I find reading from below the hole better whether it's behind the ball or the hole. So it switches depending on uphill vs downhill putt.

Stephen O'Sullivan says:

Often when I see instructional videos, it's a repeat of something I've seen somewhere before, many times before in some cases. But not this one. This is gold.

Stefan Pete says:

That golf course and range looks stunning. Great video btw… that drill is great. Going to try it as well.

e james says:

the critical point is when the putter is hovering at the top….you have to wait for the "moment of inertia" and let gravity take over. See……You put energy into the putter taking/pushing it back…………from there you're just holding/ guiding the stroke through the ball.

Jonathan Smith says:

You asked a question; Mike started to answer it, however you abruptly took off. Very hyperactive. Not cool. Thanks Mike for the valuable information!

TheZenbudda says:

I love mike’s philosophies, but the over simplification of putting within 10 feet and never aiming outside the hole is NOT for most courses. I play on courses with very grainy bermuda and it will absolutely make a ball break 3-6 inches inside of 3 feet (unless you jam it in the hole). On flat putts, through multiple sections of grain, you have to olay grain like slope.

Steve Carruthers says:

Mikey is the best , love his passion for the game, it’s infectious

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