The Proper Golf Ball Position for Putting (PUTTING TIPS)

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Golf ball position is important for any club you use, and that includes ball position for putting. In this video, PGA Professional Todd Kolb shows us how to get the right ball position for our putting stroke, some simple putting tips for a better golf setup, and a secret putting tip to help you get the right distance from the golf ball when putting too!

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Khairul Adlan Kamaluddin says:

When we putt, does the 60-40 weight ratio applies?

Pahu says:

Great tips, thanks. I was taught to position the ball so that its directly below my left eye at address. Your thoughts??

Hiep Nguyen says:

Hi Todd, Thanks for sharing your tips. I completely agree with you on your putting tips. I have been practicing that and applied that yesterday's game. I almost had 2 putts for 18 holes and felt good although my other clubs were terrible. Thanks.

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