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Meandmygolf explain whether there is a perfect golf swing and highlight key areas to work on to get try and achieve the perfect golf swing SUBSCRIBE to MeAndMyGolf to see more professional…


Elio Gagliano says:

Dear Andy & Piers, often I have the problem of hitting the ball thin and,
trying to fix it, I end up with fat hits! Can you help me?

Anna K says:

Loved it. Perfectly clear demonstration. Really liked the overlays.

Teddy Irons says:

I think this is the first drill where I noticed an immediate effect. I’ve
always had a steep downswing and loose the tush line. Thoughts of hitting
through the ball never seemed to work. I tried this drill last night,
practicing getting into the position a few times, and then a full swing
with the ball where my only thought was to get into the PPL position and
then from there just to let it go into impact. I hit some great shots and
felt like I still had some wrist cock at impact. The ball came out lower
than usual and a nice fizz off a 3/4 swing. I will definitely keep doing
this drill as it seems to pull a few things together at once, such as
starting the downswing with the lower body, keeping the tush line, and
bringing lag into the ball. The key difference in the feel from my normal
swing was that my hands were coming out of my right hip pocket, whereas
normally they come in much higher. Great drill. Thanks.

jochen487 says:

Great vid, well explained. I’ll test it later today

Calvin Wilcox says:

It’s not about how good your form is necessarily but how good you are at
your form

Michael Andersen says:

Please show some perfect follow true, I’m having some problems with chicken

Richard Gaule says:

Guys how would you stop dragging the club below the plane on the downswing

Keval Patel says:

Nice drill, I’ll try it out

Greg Watson says:

Love the Ppl guys, can you do a video from the downs swing through the
hitting area? This is where I have problems not sure what my arms hands and
upper body are suppose to do I end up not squaring the club face or
re-leasing to late

Eric Dyer says:

Actually there is a perfect swing, and I’m pretty sure I made it Sunday on
the par 3 17th. Of course I’d completely underclubbed and came up miles
short, proceeded to knife my chip over the green, and walked away with a 5.

Matt Price says:

Adam Scott. 

Cordell Walker says:

Nice video fellas. Can you explain the role of the trail arm and hand in
the swing?

Thumper15 says:

Great stuff as usual guys! Thanks

CaptainAndrewWiggins says:

Thx folks. Love the video. 3.23 I am in this position. Why does the ball
draw from here?

James Silverman says:

I want to video my golf swing. How do you superimpose the lines on parts of
the body?

Valentina Pasqui says:

Very helpful!!!!!

Chris Macklam says:

Does the PPL drill also apply to a swing with the Driver?

Daniele Boschi says:

So, a perfect lesson!

Rob Benson says:

Great way to visualize the key points to match up. Thank you!

Peter Clark says:

Hi Guys,
Thanks for that. It was a very useful discussion. I noticed however that
for what looked like a seven iron, your feet were at about shoulder width
apart. This seems to be a little excessive for a seven iron. Is this

Dan Croker says:

Good vid lads.

Mirthon Manon says:

Hello Great instruction!
Should I try this with all my clubs? I see you are using an iron, does
this instruction apply also to woods/driver?

Frank Gurnee says:

You have helped me a great deal in many aspects of the game. But this one
is the epitome of what makes your series great. No one is doing things the
way you guys do, which is why we keep coming back. The only question left
now is what is parallel point 2?

1badduc996 says:

Those 8 inches are what counts, but putting yourself in the right positions
sure makes those 8 inches of impact more repeatable for us mere

silverN gunz says:

Hey guys, so I fixed my slice with my driver. Now with my new swing, and
grip, I seem to pull a lot of hits. Even with irons. I’m thinking I still
have a problem being over the top of the plane, but when I try to use your
“drag the club” drill, I chunk some shots and can’t come through all the
way. Any suggestions?

ChesterGash says:

lag confuses me. Can someone please explain it to me

Meandmygolf says:

Another awesome video guys , just started playing myself and these videos
are really helping a lot! :)

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