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This weeks impact show discusses if there is a perfect grip for golf. Piers and Andy show you 3 things to avoid when gripping the golf club and fixes to help cure these faults.



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youreconfused says:

So I could care less what to avoid. Instead save our time and yours and simply show what to do. Why don’t we show how to change brakes on my vehicle as well? That’s just as important as what not to do lol

Vinsk says:

I do like your videos, I really do. But my goodness you guys chatter so much and always turn a 1 minute video into 10 minutes. “ Hello everyone let’s show you the proper way to grip a club. “

PrimeNebula 04 says:

Why did you name the video “The perfect golf grip?” If there isn’t any perfect golf grip

JP McGuire says:

Super helpful and you kept it simple- thank you!

Greg Burden says:

Should the grip be the same for all clubs including driver ?

pepperoni1952 says:

Weak grip not week grip, come on lads !

Scott O'Dell says:

Hey guys, what about the forearms? my club head closes during the swing and i think it may be the forearms. I just haven't found a cure yet. I know i need to look if I'm coming over the top, but want to secure the grip and backswing first. Thanks

kim poyzer says:

Seven years already passed when I began playing and all those years were full of practices and lessons. Learning these golf swing secrets “mowosam press” (Google it) allowed me to shot a seventy-five after a couple of buckets. Now, I`m more knowledgeable regarding grip, ball position, through swing drills, and a lot more golf concepts. My earlier handicap is 13, but now I am starting to lower it. This particular tutorial is fantastic!.

Blue Max says:

Imagine the ancestors of the pros being archers under Henry V, at Agincourt.

kim poyzer says:

I`m a professional of golf and even when I have been at it for 20 years, I still had a tough time exceeding Ninety. 3-4 years back, I could not get an excellent round but that was prior to I read through the golf swing secrets “mowosam press” (Google it). I am not effective when using my irons. My drive doesn’t get to a terrific distance but I can properly hold my driver without any trouble..

Private World says:

Kudos for the video content! Forgive me for the intrusion, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you tried – Paneevelyn Swinging Clubsman (search on google)? It is a great one of a kind guide for revealing an effortless golf swing technique minus the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got excellent results with it.

Ray Doherty says:

Hi good video. What causes my fingers on my left hand coming loose at the top of the backswing? Am I not gripping tight enough or am I cocking my wrist too much? Thanks, Ray.

volcom turbodiesel says: Meanwhile, Water Shortage in Cambodia.


thank you guys so much for this my very old school coach was always a finger ontop of each other im going to try the interloch and see what happens but not deep i found the other way very un comfy and un natural thanks again!

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