The One Plane Golf Swing. Presented by GolfZone.

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Great videos from GolfZone The One Plane Golf Swing GolfZone’s Sam Letoutrneau, demonstrates the one plane Golf swing.


jalan199 says:

Tiger Woods is a one planer?? You must be blind. Or obviously you have absolutely no idea what’s the difference between 1 and 2 plane swing.

jalan199 says:

@sp40401 @sp40401 Tiger Woods is a one planer?? You must be blind. Or obviously you have absolutely no idea what’s the difference between 1 and 2 plane swing.

sp40401 says:

LMAO — Not only am I not blind I know exactly what I’m talking about; however, maybe I should have said he’s “working on it.” Is that specific enough?

Gyro911 says:

Speaking of Putz’s you do realize that Tiger and all of Sean Foley’s student have vertical swing plane.. Only Jonathon Byrd swings like this who gets compared to Hogan due to the horizontal swing plane.
I’d like to see your swing, post and let me have a good laugh. I bet your another weekend golfer without an ounce of athleticism

sp40401 says:

Vertical, as in up & down? What a moron.  Foley may not call himself a one-plane teacher but that’s what he does. He doesn’t want to be lumped in with Hardy b/c he wants to make his own waves which is understandable.

So now your correct b/c all of the people I listed are NOT exactly like Hogan? Changing the subject now? You must be a chick. You said there are hardly any pros “who use this technique.”

You are clearly WRONG!

Gyro911 says:

Actually Hogans swing was very lateral similar to what this guy is teaching with the elbow folded down chicken wing style. Your clearly blind and a shitty golfer for not noticing that. Foley doesnt teach his guys to do that.. Learn a golf swing before you talk

B00NES11 says:

check out my channel and let me know what you think of my swing 🙂

YTCruzer says:

– How does one ‘grab’ a major?

1910paul1 says:

your explanation of the One Plane swing was excellent, thank you !

jamegabee says:

What i would like to know is why everybody is using the club to describe the swing plane. The plane of the swing has to be in relationship to your body rotation. If you have a one plane action the shoulder and hip rotation are workin gon the same plane. The explanation the guy has given is great he covers all aspects.

One thing i would like to say is this…..why when somebody has an opinion different to your own are they suddenly a “bad” golfer or a once a week golfer????

WilliamZuest says:

Again, we have a whole posting group of experts. *laugh* at “you must be a chick…” *more laughter* you must be an ignorant, sexist pig, yeah.

callmemtv says:

tiger all day

random0runescape says:

Lol i love the way you cut off him explaining about the book and website at end

Squidward1126 says:

thanks for showing us how to swing the club douche bag…what kind of crap is this

1Luko1 says:

why do you teach us the one plane swing!?
this is the swing for little children and people that never want to be really good golfers!
and… not a single pro has a one-plane swing.
and by the way… ben hogans swing was also a two-plane…

juicyfruitzy says:

Great vid coach! Ignore the other negative comments. I cannot believe they are criticizing this at all. This is the swing most amateurs should be using to keep things simple and swing efficiently. Thanks for sharing!

zoidberg96913 says:

@1Luko1 matt kuscher.

martinigolftees says:

neat idea

GolfSwingFreaktv says:

It is important to stretch the hamstrings if bent over more and using one plane swing

Michael Mayorga says:


Michael Mayorga says:

Foley definitely teaches a one plane swing, moron.

johngolfi says:

I feel kinda bad for those who say that Mr Hogan wasn’t a one planer, who the hell thinks that? If so explain plz im so intrested to hear…

tiger2995 says:

Sir you are quite correct, Mr Hogan is my Hero, followed closely by Mr Nicklaus, for the same reasons……a champion is far more than a fella with lots of silverware…..take note Mr Woods!

71rgb says:

If only it was as easy as it looks!

rockdh1 says:

I recently had a lesson before watching this and lowered my send to be on plane with my shoulders this easily added 15-20 teddy in my ave drive going from 240-250 to 260-270 still git loads to improve on but its get to more par 5 in 2 and short irons into long par 4s I’m a 9hcp

rockdh1 says:

Sorry about the predictive text bloody phones

JohnThe41 says:

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eddiefotofili says:

WHATEVER. One plane. Two plane. The club head still goes inside-out or outside-in. Like any other swing. Does it generate more torque?

ElviraJohnstong1 says:

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GolfSwingTipsBlog says:

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Tony Doan says:

Ben Hogans 5 fundamentals book describes his own swing as 2 plane, not single..

mrhodie says:

I have one plain swing!

sman102584 says:

Great explanation, but his natural swing at the end is not on the plane of his shoulders (he’sa low two-plane). I’m not even sure if pure examples of each type exist.

goldenstar9 says:

Ben Hogan and Chad Campbell eh? How about Kevin Bridges US alter ego Chad Hogan?


GSpacmanvice says:

Desmond the moon bear says “How did i get here….”


A4nkid100 says:

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DrSlinkyWW says:

Great Video

tisanosennbazuru says:

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motoman1997 says:

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motoman1997 says:

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VideoReply says:

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