The Key To Building Huge Arms

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How to get ripped: Hey sixpackshortcutters…ready to get swole? In this episode, I’m going to show you the suprising KEY to…


MrBrave1me says:

so you mean the right way to curl is to curl like hammer curl but just at
the end we should turn the position of our hand for biceps dumbell curls?
can you explain at what point it is best to change the hand position for
biceps dumbell curls?

ganzcdorianv says:

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Kurosaki Ichigo says:

Some people might lift in the gym because they see others doing it, without

Kurosaki Ichigo says:

Did you mean fuck you guys or fuke is some random word?

MrNatkov says:

yeah…but is still think the skull crushers are the best

420Rokn says:

Im pretty new to the gym, but I learned this from my buddy who has been
working out for years. He’s totally right. Triceps have three heads to
them, and biceps only have 2 heads. Thats y triceps are a bigger muscle

MrTomburken says:

Try again, It worked for me!

Barnaby Sandeford says:

He’s wearing a shirt!!!??

hudsonovanettae says:

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Satyajit Auddya says:

real coach (y)

Nelson Reyes says:

I gotta question, I work out 5 days a week but I noticed when im unable to
go for a couple of days my muscels begin to shrink, im a lean guy, 5ft 6
138lbs with 6 percent body fat, its just impossible to put on weight.
Muscel that is

Nelson Reyes says:

Another is that since I dont work (only just turning 17) I cant afford
protein supplement, I like Whey protein best, so by not taking Whey, does
that affect my muscel growth that great?

schecterdamiendude says:

just started a fitness channel. feel free to give it a look and watch my
videos. I really wanna help people. let me know what ya think! thanks

PFBCheaterReporter says:

Have you heard about Vixen Fat Loss? (Go google it) It is a quick way to
lose fat fast.

Maurice Drenth says:

Its… harder for skinny guys to built muscle bc your muscles require fat
to grow so before you get dissapointed by this fact you should start
bulking healthy get enuff cards fats from walnuts fish etc, for more join
mike chang sixpackshortscuts im a member and hes changed my life with his

Marlon Westby says:

I think all of these tips for building bigger arms are on the money – check
out the video below.

K R says:

Mike Talks About Arm WO & Secrets 

alanedefoi alanedefoi says:

Nice idea, how much fat could I lose? My sister lost 5 stone using Wretch
Weight Workings. Do a Google search for it :)

DeInfamousMan says:

If you fap a lot you can get big arms.

Mohammed Ahmed Quraishi says:

I weigh 55 kgs and I am very skinny can I do this to increase my muscles

chase baker says:

its true, your triceps REALLY compliment your biceps. ive always had
decent biceps, they arent define but they are rock hard and pretty big, but
nobody said anything until i started working on my triceps now everyone is

DJ hary says:

u r so cool i like u!!!!!!!!!

DerpyGames - New Games , New Plans - SUBSCRIBE TODAY ! says:

can u work on both triceps and biceps ? in the one gym session because i
worked on both and it did increase but i think if i stuck to just one then
i think there will be a major increase ? am i correct ???

Sage Is Enraged says:

Mike…Buddy… Do you shave your armpits? Or do you just not grow hair

thejamesandjoanne says:

he has a shirt on!!!!!!!

rocketman4659 says:

i have a mike chang ad before this video

魏帅 says:

I totally agree

Gabriel Morales says:

I got huge arms cuz if this

Baltipizza says:

BOLLOCKS! If you look at big arms you’ll notice that the bicep bulges out
away from the humerus bone. If it was not a major agonist muscle then it
wouldn’t grow the way it does (You don’t comment on how big someones
Hamstrings are). Also biceps are one of the main agonist muscles used by
the ape family (Of which we are part of) as their evolutionary priority is
to pull themselves upwards into trees. Arms are not like legs. they have
far more range of motion and therefore require a different mix of muscle
types to cope with this range. Conclusion: Bicips are JUST as important as
Triceps. Make sure you do both equally. 

oozymrbunbun says:

I think everyone knows that quads are what make your legs look big, not
your hamstrings so you can’t really compare your quads to your triceps
since your quads are what show.

James Selwood says:

Hey, I really struggle with Dips. Is there any other exercises I can do to
slowly build up to dips? 

Sunnie Linnie says:

God I love u

Pappa Blaze says:

That’s right baby.triceps is the key but my biceps are bigger than my
triceps thats why it looks like not cool

Iceman78ize says:

fun fact 4 u. popeye was put to air during world 2 to get people to eat
more spinach, hence they made out it would give you muscles and was good
source of iron but its not high in iron at all. They did this as there was
food shortages and spinach was easy to grow

Miguel Barriga says:

Can u gain a decent amount of muscle if your slim?

Dustin Hanna says:

John Watts, gigantic is a word derived from Greek mythology. Enormous is
also a word. Ginormous is not. Just saying.

John Watts says:

Dude Gigantic is not a real word. People say this a lot and it kind of
pisses me of. The word he should have used is enormous not Gigantic. Just

hassan Almutawa says:

I always see videos of people posting videos of how to lose weight and gain
muscles but i never see how to gain weight when your slim i was slim as
fuck i weight only 50 kg i tried super mega mass n stuff nothing really
worked i asked a pro and he gave me few tips now im 85kg he just told me
to eat lots of bread vigi and drink more water and milk and it worked

viktor stupp says:

real answer is: be a fake natty like mike chang

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