The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Upright Swing Plane and Weight Shift

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Get Mark’s iPad App Get Mark’s iPhone App Get Mark’s Android App Like Mark Crossfield on Facebook Follow Mark/4golfonline on twitter The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Upright Swing Plane and Weight Shift with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark helps more golfers through his iPhone golf app, ipad Golf app and Android golf app. Talking in this weeks show about high hands at impact and how the golf grip can affect your swing plane. Weight shift is also a subject in the weeks show as Mark helps a couple of golfers on how to improve there weigh shift in the downswing.


almostaskater100 says:

Another great video!

Brad Morris says:

Hey Mark, At the top of your back swing where do you feel most of the coil/load? Right glute, thigh, knee, waist? Thanks.

FRST2012 says:

Mark, many thanks for the tip regarding raising the handle with a strong right hand. I have always struggled with a hook and have had issues with the raising of the handle over the last year or so, but never associated it with my strong right hand. If it is indeed the issue in my swing, this could be a massive help. Thanks

Ciaran Oneill says:

Mark love the show do you have any tips on hitting the ball lower with longer clubs eg driver its something im really struggling with thanks

jean-Fred Bourbs says:

I got 3 th

jean-Fred Bourbs says:

Hey Mark, Try Canada Québec -20 with 25 cm of snow ! I will take rainy every day

benjitoon1 says:

Hey Mark, it’ll be great if you could talk on course management and show us on the simulator.

Matthew Collins says:

get outside ya big puff

Ricky Offord says:

£30k! Mark I have a question … Which of my organs could I sell to buy this setup that would have the least impact on my golf swing?

Brian Parks says:

Mark, as an amateur I dont think our minds can compute raising the hands because of a strong right hand and mentally trying to square the club face in order not to hook.Mechanical technique in what youre saying is spot on but I have video of raising my hands with both a weak and strong grip. In all of those bad swings I was never once thinking of hook or squaring club face. I think in most amateurs this raising of the hands comes from early casting combined with trying to kill the ball.Thoughts?

xboxvolley360 says:

i would start with a kidney, if all else fails you can donate a part of your liver aswell

go4gold33 says:

Spot on with the right hand grip and the high hands Mark. I really hooked a few today when not compensating.

I have big hands and i’m having a hard time to grip the club with a neutral left hand grip. To me it feels som much better to set the wrist with a strong left hand grip. My right hand then matches the left so both hands end up too strong. Can you please go through the left hand grip and how to set the wrist at the top. My left wrist hurts when I set it with a neutral grip.

bens grandad says:

good matchplayers have to be accurate off the tee with the driver -the one plane swings of mahan and kuchar give them the edge – change your swing to one plane , i did and have just shot my best 2 rounds ever and hit 13 out of 14 fairways on one round -2 over on back 9 and i play off 16 with bad knees

hungryham123 says:

could you do a review of the nike vrs covert woods and maybe compare them to the new rocketballz, im having trouble choosing between them, but i havent been able to hit both of them yet

stuart esson says:

I know the weather is ” mince ” but any chance of some tips on reading greens . . . . . what to look for, different grass types, grain? , ect.

DJT77816 says:

Mark, What kind of simulator is this?

wj74 says:

Looks to me like they could be the same guy but he shaved his beard off! Haha

itubeutude says:

why doesn’t it show the ball flight?

djp3525 says:

So how did you change it to one plane? Lesson? 

BruceSammells says:

Hi Mark, thanks for the tip on the strong right hand grip, I am the golfer on the left in the first set of clips. I started playing in August last year and my grip was one thing I had gotten right. How wrong was I! That shot was still within 10-15 foot from the pin! Just a quick question to finish, this was the first time I’ve played for a couple of months because the winter has been awful, could this be down to not playing for a while??

Wave Strike says:

They will also have to change the lie if they fix the high hands.

bens grandad says:

to learn the one plane swing go to jeff ritter on you tube also there is a guy from stanford university who does some good videos type in one plane backswing -learn it -it will change your game for the better- i have asked mark to do a lesson but got no reply

TheHajPajer says:

Do you find the simulator, i play on the same 1 at a golf practice facility, gives you an extra 10-20 yards on some shots or is it accurate? I find my self playing much shorter in real life.

Robert T says:

Hi Mark, Are there any reasonably priced simulators that you can use at home? I have seen the Optishot but am sceptical seeing as it’s so cheap. Obviously it won’t compare to the $10000+ systems, but are they good enough to use on a rainy day?

Stephane Gauthier says:

You should consider enabling any ball “tracer” option when on the simulator so we can see the ball trajectory more clearly. Just an idea.


Max Goione says:

That’s because you hit the ball 190 yards on a drive

foshizzelman says:

when the shaft goes upright will that cause you to hit it on the toe

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