The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Open Special

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Steve Reed says:

Love the fitness stuff and great tip about lower half stability too

dairniel says:

12:50 Wow, what a compliment.
Keep at it lad.

3rdgroove says:

Great weekly fix. And yeah the fitness tios are awesome. I just watched a video the other day where Gary Player said that all the guys (fellow tour pros) around him are getting surgery on their rotator cuffs and he stressed the need to work out. So thanks Mark+James!

mistermiggs100 says:

Come on Mark, it’s not ‘The British Open’ its ‘The Open Championship’

James Villet says:

Kevin in the Open?? Show me the evidence 😀 A really special event, Love the Open!!

welshorp says:

I have the issue with the open face at impact and that segment is really interesting. I have found that concentrating on a smooth backswing helps me square up at impact. Would this had caused me to stop my hands being so ahead of my golf club??

33115566 says:

Thanks for the tip about keeping a feeling of extension at the start of the downswing. It seems to give me the time I need to control the clubface. Worked like a charm.

mihyaerusan says:

Hi Mark, great weekly fix again. I haven’t tried any of the fitness exercises yet, but i’m about to try the one aimed at the strengthening of the core muscles. As a teen I’ve done a lot of track & field. Therefore, in general I’d regard fitness exercises as very useful for making progress in any sport. But, since it was only last year that I started out with golf, I also think that there are still so many other more severe and apparent fields of improvement that I’d tend to postpone fitness. kr

mallonmufc says:

What shoes are they

icecreamania says:

I love the fitness videos. In fact, I wish there were more of them as separate videos.
What’s a good exercise for better separation between the waist and pelvis?

Gustav Lindskog says:

love the fitness!!!!!!!!

Jason Price says:

great useful video as always

Brandon Cassity says:

Great video thanks for the advise Mark. Do you like the tracer on the shots at the Open?

Gazmonster1 says:

I find the fitness routines really useful. Great package.

MegaEliteClub says:

that kid rory mcilroy

swsinger says:


Derek Hillard says:

Great video, informative analyses of the various swings. I do notice that the Pro’s play lots of ‘shot’s’ what I mean by that is that they don’t often try to hit the ball straight but they do curve the ball in from the left or right. I think if a player can consistently curve the ball in from one direction or other they are better off than trying to always hit the ball straight. This because you never know which way it will curve if a straight hit isn’t straight. Hope this makes sense!

bigmac throttlebody says:

Hello mark! Great video. One question, how come you don’t update your app as often as you upload to YouTube. Thanks for your help looking forward to your reply. Chears!

Justin Huang says:

Hey Mark! Love your videos, do you have any advice to play better in tournaments? thanks.

Austyn Hutchinson says:

hey mark how can i sent a swing video to you?

ghisbetterthanrb says:

More fitness videos!

slenky2124 says:

Love the videos Mark! How is your experiment going with your irons going?

slenky2124 says:

Hi Mark live the videos! How is your experiment with your irons going?

Ding-Wen Chen says:

Good stuff. The last driver swing is exactly my issue too. Will try your drill. Keep good stuff coming.

AJE1697 says:

When you test clubs could you possibly do protracer? It gives us an idea of the ball flight instead of just numbers? Thanks

Badgerman5 says:

Jolly good video this. I liked how you sort of fade into nothingness at 4:05

Tom134own1 says:

Hey Mark great vids, just a question on posture. I find I have a good straight spine angle but my shoulders feel like they’re hunched away from my body, when I look at tour pros the shoulders seem to be towards the body so if you put a club on there shoulders it would touch there chest where mine only touches my shoulders. Should my shoulders move back towards my chest (if so how) or is it just an illusion on tv. Thanks

Cahnt says:

“Faldo has as much a chance of winning this year as anyone else”. If you say so, Mark 😉

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