The Golf Swing Weekly Fix July 25 2013

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joel7e says:

Brilliant as always Mark

SchwarzieJSY says:


ChesterGash says:

My Grandparents live in Exeter so when I am next down there I would love to have a lesson with you!

XxPREDATORxX86 says:


seligd says:

Mark will there be an app for windows phones ?

Ryan Li says:

Great vid Mark! I think a lot of beginners cannot picture/visualize how the club head should sit on address. This was a problem I had with driver, but can imagine it being true for all clubs from 3-dr.

Gavin McGuinness says:

5:20 What a great shot.

Leah Doyle says:

Glad to see you had a bag with kickstands lol I was excited for you until I saw
the old bag laying on the ground again lol. Keep up the videos Mark, they help all of so much.

MegaBananaRush says:

Hi I would like to ask the correct way to chip a ball on the fringe

WafflezFanatic says:

Hi mark, I just have a quick question. Recently I hit a major slump in my golf game where I had the worst round of golf in my life where I topped nearly every shot and couldn’t even get the ball up..I was hitting fine a few weeks before but for some reason my game just completely vanished..any ideas?

David Q says:

It’s a bit different for each person depending on your body and amount of hip turn you make in the back swing. I’ve always worked with thought of about 5 inches. It becomes a slide when your hip moves so far forward that to maintain your balance, more weight falls back onto your rear foot. From there you’ll have to make a lot of adjustments mid swing to try to make solid contact. Hope that helps.

bob paine says:

Mark, can u please give us advise on how to approach a shot with a pre shot routine

bob paine says:

MARK, Can u PLEASE give us advice on approaching a PRE SHOT ROUTINE

Cody Lawton says:

Love all these videos its really making the game easier. keep’em coming and thanks Mark.

David Eaton says:

Mark is that a new bag

5150markg says:

Great videos Mark but could you dedicate a section of the weekly fix videos to tackle is

5150markg says:

Issues faced by low handicappers

Paul Crawford says:

Like the new specs dude. I cannot play with mine on therefore need contacts. You wear contacts when competing? Surely sun glare is an issue ( random, I know!)

Trev D says:

Mark, your videos are of a different quality. Class, cheers.

jakelogan66 says:

How do I send in my swing? I just subbed

Richard Brownhill says:

Great videos but please no more close ups of your face. #offence

Jake Corben says:

hey guys, can you please take a look at my swing on my channel, cheers

itubeutude says:

that side plank would put a lot of stress in the arm, elbow and shoulder.

adamlax27 says:

Maybe a bit of a simple question. But how do you know how far to stand from the ball for each club? Thanks

John Malihi says:

Hi Mark, which app do i need to use to send you my swing please, can anyone tell me where or how I can send you my swing. Love to hear your comments on it, cheers

UtubeUsernameInvalid says:

the link is in the description

PathWayToThePGATour says:

check out my channel for GOLF

Nicho2177 says:

what degree lie do you have on your irons?

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