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Get Mark’s iPad App Get Mark’s iPhone App Get Mark’s Android App Like Mark Crossfield on Facebook Follow Mark/4golfonline on twitter The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Indoor Golf Lessons AskGolfGuru, Mark Crossfield helps more golfers through his iPhone golf app and Android golf app. With winter biting hard this year mark uses his kitchen to deliver some real drills that could help you play some better golf this winter and into next year.


itubeutude says:

Great video. Thanks mark.

Matthew Adamzick says:

I was thinking about buying your app just wondering if its possible to send a swing thats already saved on your phone ?

gojipoj says:

Hi Mark, How do I know if I am hitting down at the ball or up at it on my driver. I place the ball on the inside of my left heel towards my toe a little, what is the best angle of attack. Could I upload you my swing for you to see. Cheers.

Florian S. says:

can you please test iphone app for us. looks quite nice. not sure aboute the accuracy.

Kevin Harris says:

Mark love your videos, i found best way to stop early extension was to buy a pair of stability disc. At first hard enough just standing on them. Practice swinging a club while trying to stand on disc, its hard enough just standing still. Eventually got it. i now stay down on the shot far better

Luke Dames says:

Thanks for reviewing my swing Mark. I’m the guy in the video with the massive shoulder turn with no hip rotation. I like the drill you recommended, i can really feel how the hips should turn before the shoulders. Will take it to my back yard & hit some shots !! Any other drills you have for this problem ? I am a huge slicer when it coms to long irons/ driver. Thanks Very Much !!

Luke Doran says:

I want one of those huddies ! Where can I get one???

paul conlon says:

We have the same toaster :-)

xboxvolley360 says:

i know the ballposition needed for each club, but i’m having some trouble figuring out how far i should stand from the ball (distance between hands and legs). is there a general rule for the distance from the ball or is it different for everyone?

Patrick Carter says:

Used to do the same until I saw myself on Video. One of Mark’s drills that really helped me was the one where you put the ball about 6″ inches further forward than a driver. The only way you can get to the ball without topping is by moving onto the front foot before firing the arms. The next step is to take the tension out of the arms and shoulders and let your hips drive the swing. You will pick up about 60 yards with a driver when you do it. Swing not Hit is the mantra that I use.

greenadam21 says:

I found myself hoping this was a gag and you were just going to set up and hit the ball as hard as you could right in to the oven window several times and just going on with it”dead pan” as though this were a good idea….

Its been a long tuesday here ..

Martyn Birch says:

now I realise what the kitchen is for, nice one Mark…#let’sgetstuckin

Paul Young says:

Great Advice Mark … watch your series regularly from here in Australia. Starting to learn how to fire each body segment in the right order and I think your kitchen drills will help immensely .. Its hot and sunny here in Queensland 🙂

CazHattrick11 says:


AdamWildThing17 says:

hey mark could you do a game improvement iron video with so cheap starters clubs. thanks Adam

Paul Dowd says:

Love your video’s. Quick question – how does offset help with launch? I’ve never quite understood it. Could you explain it in layman’s terms? Cheers 🙂

Luke Dames says:

Thanks for the tip. I’ve seen that drill somewhere. Will try it aswell

David Goodland says:

11:55 “investing money on these” points to crotch hahaha. Just kidding love the video.

CallumElliottPGAUK says:

anyone thinking of adding one or two of the new Mizuno H4 long irons replacements, you might want to consider the MX 900 Hybrid – Hemi. It performed practically the same as the H4, but the looks are 100% better. An old club, but still a high performer

JustinRoseFan9 says:

hi mark, im looking for some titleist vokey weges for christmas is it worth getting spinner shafts in them im a junior handicap 9 thanks brad

JustinRoseFan9 says:

hi mark, im looking for some titleist vokey weges for christmas is it worth getting spinner shafts in them im a junior handicap 9  thanks brad

Thomas Gessel says:

You CAN win a major Mark. I want to see you on tour!

volistis says:

Hey Mark. I know early hip extension is a popular problem for golfers. Every time I swing I always feel like I am leaning back. This will often leave me with a sore back after a round. Is this problem caused by early hip extension. Thanks love the videos.

gbvoul says:

A drill that helped me a lot is: I bought a piece of steel pipe about 4”x10” and a board (size of a book shelf) it’s surfing balance practice.. the drill is to keep your balance, then using your weight roll the pipe under your right foot, then roll it under your left foot. When you get good at it, do that driill taking a swing.

gbvoul says:

Yeah Mark. ever played in an Open qualifier?

W4lly16 says:

Why are your videos not being updated on the iOS app? Also, I like this video as I practice inside all the time. I putt and chip with real golf balls, and use foam balls for full swings.

Ingvar mällberg says:

Nu förstår vad jag skall använda vårt kök till 🙂

Alex MacDonald says:

Good info worth a shot

inofbounds says:

Shhhh don’t wake the kids!

Sunkan11 says:

Could you please give me some quick comments what you see.. .faults and good in my swing? What do I need to work on?

Sunkan11 says:

Could you please give me some quick comments what you see.. .faults and good in my swing? What do I need to work on?

check my channel


Joe Griggs says:

I would like for you to look at my swing and help me out. I am very inconsistent. I feel like I am over swinging and losing power. My hands do something funky at the start of my downswing that I don’t like. Please help, I don’t just want a beautiful swing, I want to know where I am going to hit the ball. You have already helped out alot, I broke 90 recently and have been playing since 2012 July after a 5 year layoff. I want to break 80 now. I am uploading a few videos soon…

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