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Christian V Petersen says:

didnt you already do the shoulder exercise?

Christian V Petersen says:

How should one do the last tip, throw the club, without casting it? Should I push with the right wrist bend?

XXVinnyBonesXX says:

This fitness vid is old?? good one… but used. Great vid again Mark, Driver is defo the hardest club in the bag for me, I have been working on the 3 wood for consistency and have found I almost reach my length with the driver now, only straighter.

3rdgroove says:

In the first vid when you say the person is open on top of the swing. Open means: open in relation to the club path – what else? Good show!

Anthony C says:

If you are talking about a driver swing, you should have a driver in your hands.

xJamo98 says:

Once again , great vid , picked up some tips again!

Bryce Sheehan says:

The tip at 16:00 of throwing your hands back at the start of the down swing was amazing! I used it yesterday on the range right before the course and it improved my iron strikes drastically! I shot an 80 even with two lost balls! Lol. But really, a fantastic tip that I recommend everyone try.

Dan Bowen says:

just watching your swing makes me cure my problem, i always lead with my hands leaving it open losing control and distance! thanks marks 😛

helitroutguy says:

Mark, when will we be seeing the results from your switch to the jpx-825 vs the mp64?

Keel Timmins says:

Can you do a video review on Swingbyte 2 ?

Flyerslax26 says:

Not only if its Thursday mark its AMERICAs birthday

Nick Farmer says:

I agree with other comments regarding driver swing tips. Please use your driver.  Thanks!

Cahnt says:

“Open to what at the top is another discussion”……we need to have this discussion, mark. 😉
It’s something i’ve never understood. Would be good to get some info on it.

Cameron Jaculak says:

FJ Sports

Trevor McWilliams says:

Thanks mark I play in Alabama so it’s pretty hot and humid so I’ll find some grips for that

tawfeeqm says:

Mark, also interested to hear results on jpx825 vs mp64 if you can squeeze it in somewhere please.

John Bledsoe says:

Link to apple app doesn’t work for me.

cwdlaw223 says:

Mark –

How accurate is the GC2-HMT compared to FScope or Tman? Anything over 85-90% works for me. Getting closer to my price point for a device with AoA, Path and Face Angle.

blakerh says:

Mark, do you like your new TW golf shoes?

markdehne says:

Throwing away the club is the exact opposite of what most teachers pray, which is creating lag. i´m a little confused.

Q Whit says:

Me too. This sounds like advice that, if anyone followed it, they would end up casting the club and say goodbye to any distance they might otherwise have had.

Better advice is to keep the left arm straight throughout the back and downswing, as relaxed/tonic wrists as possible, and hit through the ball with your hips not your arms leaving the club to take care of itself.

Paul Scorer says:

Remember that the eccentric contraction should always be slower than the concentric, and not to squeeze their shoulder blades in as takes the work off the posterior deltoid and onto the rhomboids.

CammyWhyteee says:

Hey Mark , can you please give me some feedback on my swing with a driver the videos on my channel , Thanks !

Dane an says:

Mark, when you are giving a lesson and you see multiple issues in the setup, swing, follow through etc. how do you decipher which is the most important to address. I find it easy to overwhelm a student with multiple swing thoughts/concepts, which in turn creates new issues. Thanks, your videos are great. D

sburkeyboy says:

Just downloaded the app and I LOVE IT! Would it be possible to add an upload video  option as well as record video as recording on your own in 10 seconds can be difficult. Cheers

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