The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Golf Drills and Tips

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Scott Shields says:


mckenzie mcdermid says:

hello mark please do a video between the r11s and rbz series but not just the drivers irons and fairway woods ,hybrids as well thanks

craglyboy says:

Nice analysis of controlling driver flight

Paul Allen says:

Mark…. you’re the man.

Thomas Storey says:

Looking forward to trying out those angle of attack shots with the driver! Thanks Mark for another great instructional video.

Christoph Becker says:

That was my question. Thank you very much for your answer, Mark! 🙂

MrTTDARK says:

Hey mark, I like your videos and tipps.

please check your audio tracks before uploading.
it’s really annoying if i only hear your voice on my right speaker
try to use mono audio track if you can’t do it better.

hummingfish says:

Loved the question of the day answer.

OhItsLuCa says:

i hear the audio out of both of my speakers just fine.

silowhore says:

another good thing i’ve found for the chicken wing is to feel my left arm straight at impact and feel as though im pushing the back of my hand towards the target, like a backhand slap

MrJhill76 says:

Mark has done it again. Just two days ago I was fiddling around with driver attack angle and slice every shot. I normal hit down slightly down but straight. Thanks for help me understand what I was doing wrong. Your the best!

FluxProds says:

15,000 subs special do an in the bag! Thumbs up so he can see!

Barry Oakland says:


siege159 says:

Great video today, this one could definitely help me out. I recently took a lesson where the instructor told me that I was chicken-winging, and he gave me a drill where I keep a club head cover pinned under my left arm-pit, and try to make sure it doesn’t fall. Granted this requires a shorter follow-through, but it’s definitely useful. Anyway, keep up the good work!

spideytech says:

Mark, awesome as always, Please, please do a “what’s in my bag” video. Thanks for all of your work.

dub42499 says:

Fumbs up!  🙂

Asone28 says:

Mark does great tips, why worry about what’s in his bag, don’t you think that for one he won’t show brand preference and two, he probably changes clubs weekly, wouldn’t you too if you got all the free clubs to trial I bet he gets??

Jakob Krogh says:

If you´re swing from outside in, isn´t that also a factor when it comes to the “chicken wing” or am i wrong? By the way as always great video.

doombreed69 says:

Hey Mark, I wonder if you could do a video on driver weight (static and swing), shaft length and how they correlate to inconsistent contact of the sweet spot. Swing weight has a direct relation to stabilisation of the swing and consistent contact, golfers play with much too light weight drivers, which is why their 3 wood is better because it is often much heavier. Compared to the Persimmon days the Driver was heavier than the Spoon (3 wood).

4golfonline says:

no you are right this is connected to the chicken wing

4golfonline says:

thanks for watching

cmartin9241 says:

Mark, I have a problem with skying the ball. I hit on the simulator at my local Dick’s and I get launch angles higher than 15*. The pro there says I am hitting down on the ball too much and that’s causing it to pop up and that sweeping it will create a lower launch angle. And now I don’t know who to believe. I haven’t changed my swing to try out what he suggested yet. Can you supply some sort of clarification of what might be happening in my driver swing?

JOHNiswiggin says:

onya markos!

gbjwal1 says:

Hardest working golf pro in Britain. Good work.

dilldozer10 says:

Mark i struggle with a low slice with my driver can you give me suggestions of what im doing wrong

USDcarbonskater says:

My driver has a high slice I think it’s my hips and shoulders moving before my arms finish the swing any advice ?

Jason Trudy says:

What is the difference between regular and stiff steel shafts?

Paul Allen says:

Mark, when is you TV show coming out?

Tevan Pari says:

i am 14 and i just started playing golf, Ur video’s really helps

Golfer2142 says:

Simply put, regular steel shafts will flex a little more than stiff steel shafts. To find out what you need, it’s best to go and get fitted for clubs.

olvproductions1 says:

a tip is to put a head cover under your left arm(if you are a right handed golfer) and when you swing, keep the head cover under your arm… you might miss the ball alot at first… but it adds a lot of distance and consistancy when you get the timing

Aaron Mason says:

Mark. how would i stop or controll my slicing when i drive. and could you please post a video on how to hit the ball on steep slopes. i really struggle with that.

MrSkidmarxz says:

He has one already. Believe its called “stop slicing your driver”

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