The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Body Turn on the Backswing

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vampiretintss says:

Hi Mark,

I bought the app for the I-phone but some of the lessons are not working. Off the top of my head some swing plane and backswing lessons. Just thought I’d give you a heads up. Cheers. x

scherfigsa says:

watching all your vids as they come – getting better every time! 🙂

Reese Murray says:

thanks mark! thats me on the left at 6:51


Great tips as always!
Looking forward to seeing you on Sat for my lesson.

Mark Hervias says:

Juicy hips! 8:30

cvlyons18 says:

@mrgolfguy12. I’m a PGA instructor at a golf facility in DC. I always fit my students to the most flimsy shaft that they control as far as accuracy and not ballooning the ball. A stiffer shaft will not hurt you per say but will give you a lower ball flight than you might like if you do not strike if with some good club head speed

NudgerNoodle says:

Just a thought…….
kid on the right spine is not doing what you have drawn, not sure i have ever seen someones spine attached to the left ear? If you were to draw a line up the spine you would see that in fact his spine is pretty vertical for the camera angle but he doesnt have enough left shoulder down. Kid in the middle has a centred pivot again you the line you have drawn is totally mis representing what the spine has actually done. And the fella on the left camera angle is totally out

stable axis says:

Thanks for the video

just a quick question if my left shoulder works down but i dont extend the spine my head seems to move off the ball, why would this be…..i was lead to believe the spine tilted and extended during the backswing to keep the head stable


jdubheaps says:

Thanks! Great video, been waiting on this one.

Yannick Deibert says:

On which Email account i can send my Swing to you Mark?

theshmobbob says:

thank you. you helped answer my question perfectly

blugecko1978 says:

I use the blue mizuno grip as well, great allweather grip, I don’t even bother with any other gloves now!

Kevin Harris says:

On the hip turn. I thought a lot of power is stored from not rotating hips, relative to shoulders. The difference / stretch, creates power!! is this correct?
On gloves, i use Mizuno bioflex, synthetic glove. the leather gloves are ok, but in uk weather once they get wet, they seem like cardboard next time you use them.

MrJonWoo says:


Just wanted to say a big thanks, i only swung my first golf club five weeks ago and went round 18 in 164. Watched all your videos over and over again and practiced everyday at the driving range along with at least one go round the same 18 as before every week.

I went round the 18 in 112 last week, 52 shots off in five weeks is pretty good i think! looking at this latest video i have a slight over the top swing which i will try and iron out.

Keep the vids coming

doombreed69 says:

You need to allow a free hip turn, the power comes from a free wrist release, not from attempting to turn yourself into a “rubber band”, it’s not good for your back or your leading knee.

doombreed69 says:

And the kid in the centre looks to have been told at some point that he should restrict his hip turn which is probably where his backswing issue lies.  Allowing the hips to turn is important.

ieatcrete111 says:

I have lost interest in most of these videos because i’m playing very good golf. can’t decide if this is a good thing or bad?

Frank Velthuis says:

Is the reason that the junior golfers with the negative spine angle that they have a two-plane swing instead of one-plane? They start nice with the shoulder, but on the moment they have to lift the arms (on the second plane) they have to lift the weight of the club and therefor hanging against that weight resulting in a negative spine angle. When these junior golfers will do a one-plane swing they don’t have to lift the club and therefore it would be much easier to maintain their spine angle.

ivar2791 says:

Thanks for this mark!!! Your explanation of this has completed corrected my swing and was the final piece i needed. For the first time my ball striking is consistent and flowing!!

ivar2791 says:

Thanks for this mark!!! Your explanation of this has completed corrected my swing and was the final piece i needed. For the first time my ball striking is consistent and flowing!!

Ryan Chambers says:

Hey Mark,
I have a question about long irons again. I seem to slice my long irons (4 and 5) and i cant seem to figure it out. I hit my driver straight with the odd slice and my mid to short irons i hit very straight and very solid. I just seem to slice my long irons. The only way i dont is if i play a draw. Do you know what i could be doing?
Thanks Mark!

Ryan, Ontario, Canada

jonah krause says:

Hey Mark,
I am a younger golfer and I just wanted to say thanks for making your videos, they have helped me so much.

David Schultz says:

i was just waiting for him to give that laptop a wallop at 9:20

9tube1 says:

I won’t lose interest in Mark’s videos until I’m consistently shooting par. That’s about 15 strokes from my current handicap.

ccoolliinn98 says:

Anybody know how to send in a video ?

andrewjunor1 says:

you put your glove on rapid mate

badamrak says:

This is pretty much exactly the fix to my golf swing. I haven’t been able to implement it quickly, but will work on it. Thanks Mark!

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