The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Balance, Shoulder turn and much more

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Get Mark’s iPad App Get Mark’s iPhone App Get Mark’s Android App Like Mark Crossfield on Facebook Follow Mark/4golfonline on twitter The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Balance, Shoulder turn and much more. Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru answers more questions from golfers around the world along with swing lessons. todays show talks about balance in young golfer along with shanking and vertical swing plane. improve your golf swing with AskGolfGuru and his iPhone,iPad and android apps.


tommyangles says:

1st comment, lemon sponge

MistyFilms100 says:

2nd comment

Jamie Brown says:

Hey mark! Thanks so much for including my swing, I’m the guy on left at the start, can’t wait to get home and get to work on this! Will let you know my progress. Thanks, Jamie.

Luke Dames says:

Mark, can you please do a video on the “role” of the right elbow ? This would be halpful to so many people. Thanks

djames311 says:

hey Mark. Love your videos. I’ve learnt a lot from them.
I have a question. Is it bad to practise too much on the driving range with the mat? I’ve noticed that I’m able to hit the ball well on the mat but when I go to the course, I tend to hit the ground before the ball.

Are there any drills I can do on the driving range to help me stop hitting the ground first? thank you.

Heath Triffett says:

are you getting your weight forward in the downswing? also see if you are throwing away your lag and casting the club out early, should be easy to check with video….

Heath Triffett says:

think for a second…….do you really want to stop that girl at the start from thrusting forward?

GEORGE1470 says:

Thanks Mark…early ext is a round killer. The range beckons!!

terrygoogle says:

The Ping fitting videos on their web site are very informative. They discuss both static and dynamic fitting.

ivar2791 says:


Steve Evans says:

How about this thought: turn your chest and your shoulders will automatically follow. Be careful about turning until your back faces target, not all of us can do it and you can hurt yourself if you hit balls for 2 hours like I did.

djames311 says:

thanks for the reply. I’m certainly making a conscious effort of shifting my weight everytime I swing. I’ll record myself swinging to check if I’m casting the club out too early. thanks again 🙂

jdaog says:

Mark.. You just cured my swing.. Lol

MrCamfaint says:

Too many drivers in that bag Mark! Time to see PGA professional and get fit.

Calvin Galbraith says:

Mark, is it true that smaller grips will cause you to hit a pull?

baroberts says:

Excellent video. Very insightful.  Thanks

FeelingHoly says:

Mark, as ever, excellent instruction. Have you any plans to take your App. to other platforms? I have a Windows phone, and would love to take your videos with me to the range. Cheers.

robocop30301 says:

Mark, got a question here, and I think it’s a good one: is it a good idea to keep your hips as square as possible to the ball during the back swing – while trying to get the most ‘disassociation’ with your shoulders?
Or another way to put it: should I be making a conscious effort to keep my lower body as square as possible to the ball during my backswing? Or should I just let my hips move however they please?

Thanks for all the help!

pughbatron says:

Hi Mark, Videos have been great, My shots have improved ten fold watching your channel, One detail i would love to get some direction on is controlling the club release, I find sometimes i initiate the release fractionally too early or too late (causing a shot to go either slightly right or left) Do you have any good drills for getting the feeling of when to initiate the release. Your other videos on release have helped me alot so some guidance on this will help even more! thanks from NZ

ron c says:

Hi mark just a quick question about the different types of swings that are banded about on the media e.g stack and tilt,right sided swing ,different variations of the single plane and the type of swing i got taught but struggled with the two plane swing by two course pro’s my question is, are there many instructors in the uk that teach more than one swing type as watching dvd’s has done nothing but hinder my game.

Joe Griggs says:

WOW! You’re amazing. Thanks

Andy King says:

Surely the easiest way to encourage the correct turn is to rotate the upper body against the braced/flexed right knee?

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