The Golf Swing Weekly Fix August 8th 2013

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jpjeffery says:

Yay! It’s Fursday! Let’s get stuck in.

michaelflynnmusic says:

I like the silhouette view from behind – can see the big details nicely! By the way, it is August 8 – I’m sure you’ll adjust the title soon. Keep up the good work!

rockinlilc says:

I love the vids!

Joey Lewis says:

August 8th??

Cody Lawton says:

thnx again for another great video mark

Alexander Muller says:

Oh my god, I cant even come close to putting my feet fully on the ground when trying the second part of the yoga move. Thats embarrassing, will try that every day now 😀

Adam Huckeby says:

been following the fitness vids for the short time they have been around Mark…I notice less time needed to warm up now and much less struggling through the first few holes..Thanks as always. One thought on the app Mark. Most phones have a high speed camera mode on them now. Would be really nice to be able to “fetch” a file from your gallery instead of just capturing with the app. That way we could post some better qaulity video for your fixes.

Toad Boy says:

Mark’s studio has more tech than the space shuttle!!

fruitymug says:

excellent information on stretching and the need to have more flexibility to succeed at golf… I sit at a desk all day and struggle with this massively in many areas of life, including my golf game 🙂 … diamond’s stretch is very helpful… keep these excellent videos coming!!!

tadhg ryan says:

Could you ask James to show us some back strengthening exercises as I have a lot of back problems coming from a weak back.
Thanks love the vids

thepossieguy says:

mark, why do i hit short clubs a million times better than longer clubs? once i get past 5 iron i cant make very solid contact. please help

Golfnovice24 says:

Squats and deadlifts

Anthony C says:

Great job by you adding fitness and stretching with James.

grumpy2159 says:

would have liked to see you do the exercises mark

3rdgroove says:

James is really flexible! And Mark, we want to see YOU do the downward dog as well 🙂

Adam Huckeby says:

any tips for beginners on that stretch mark…i tried it once today and am now on my way to the emergency room …one i can move my lower body again i’d like to give it another go

TheVideoGuy247 says:

Try gigagolf… Amazing quality for cheaper and you can fit the to you. I highly recommend this company.

qwertybig200 says:

Mark do you have a preference on which angle we record our swings? side or in front

jlbball123456 says:

Hey mark wondering if you could do a “whats in the bag” video

Allan Butler says:

Hi Mark on the topic of irons you mentioned some time back you were going to change from MP irons (59’s i think) to JPX 825 to get more power, how did it work out was it worth doing? i see in this video you still using them? Thanks for the great discussion. Allan in ireland.

PathWayToThePGATour says:

check out my channel im Eric from New jersey and im trying to make it to the pgatour come check my progess


You should come to Ireland ardglass beautiful links golf club

Ben Jordan says:

Mark, turn off auto-focus mate.

Darin Townsend D.M.D. says:

On the backswing what moves first…. The hip turn or the chest shoulders arms club triangle.

Greg Shreders says:

Mark what shaft is that in your Covert driver?

adranja says:

Something I do to ensure a proper takeaway is to allow the club (with a target in mind) to swing back and through with only gravity and inertia providing the power to keep the momentum going. As I am going back I try to feel that the hips and arms as much as possible are moving back together. If you start the arms first they will crash into your chest and taking the club off the “natural” swing plane. Just a thought.

J.W. Cornwell says:

Mark, great vid. What shoes are those?

josh gowland says:

Mark, is there any difference in spin rate between Steel shafts on irons and graphite shafts? Love the videos

Fnfcnjdhjg says:

Just might hump the air

Darin Townsend D.M.D. says:

Thanks Adranja

johnnyd640 says:

Can everybody go to my channel and look at my swing

Chef Bryn says:

Chris Evans plays golf!

Jim Bates says:

Going to try and keep my weight on the left foot, and the club off my shoulder in my swing later today. Thank you for doing these videos.  I find myself really looking forward to seeing the weekly fix.


callawaymick74 says:

enjoy the videos and have been reading your articles in golf mags.Can you do a video about graphite iron shafts .

Bluecrew27 says:

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Apostle Bailey says:

What irons do you use?

inathaniel11 says:

mark you are one of the best instructors i have found online. Would you consider coming over to virginia?

Ezeeplay says:

Mark do a review on the taylormade sldr

glenn duck says:

Great lesson

Daniel Hof says:

nice vid mark

cptpapa says:

Mark thanks for your work on here. Could you please do a video on the mental part of the game? I am high handicapper and loose that battle of 12 inches from head to heart.

Cameron Jaculak says:

the last guy should go lefty

vassilis01 says:

was 2:50 a toed or a toad strike?

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