The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Aug 15th

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kent923able says:

Great video again Mark.

UKickMeDog says:

x factor! how much you can turn your hips and shoulders away from eachother.

Mahavishnu80 says:

critique gorillas swing.

Stompy77 says:

The video for 3:00, does anybody else see a Phil Mickelson-y swing path.

Gaz Evans says:

I’m the guy at 3:00 minutes in! Finally know what I’m doing wrong slicing the ball so bad when I’m driving. Thanks mark!

X19Paul says:

Since the first time James demonstrated this strech, I’m doing it everytime time 🙂 Mark I know there are many grip video’s, but can you also show a close-up when talking about the grip.

Nathan Paul says:

Brilliant performance of yours. thank you, Mark….

Justin Kimbrell says:

I am a right hander and have a very similar swing with the same problem. I am trying for the life of me to cure this issue in my swing. Going to give this a go.

Ralph Linden says:

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vincent koster says:

I like to simply warm up on the driving range before a round. I do start with some pitch shots so i don’t pull a muscle, and work up to the driver

iChAoS1 says:

Mark, what do you suggest we do to improve our golf if we don’t have a pro with a launch monitor within reasonable driving distance?

Admir Skopic says:

You really are my milk of mantissa

tigerw08 says:

Might just be because he’s a lefty haha, but yeh I see what you mean.

cameron bozoian says:

Hi I’m Cameron I shoot a 92 at a course that has a 66 par I was wondering what would be the best iron set for me

IrishBoyChrissy says:

More course vlogs marko

rowe18181 says:

Mark! Please can you do a video on TEMPO. I have read that most tour players have a tempo of 3:1. Mine was 4:1 but have managed to get it to 3.5:1 and strike has definitely improved. When I swing at 3:1 my backswing feels sooo fast. What are you thoughts? Thanks.

Ralph Linden says:

Check out my in the bag video and subscribe for a chance to win a giveaway!!

Stompy77 says:

I’m a lefty too, I guess our swings look like Phil’s in a sense.

Bernd Dreilich says:

1. Q: Can James show some exercises for more flexibility in the shoulder to bring the club more behind the back … and the same for the hip-rotation … are there exercises for rolling the hands?
2. Q: Is there a good drill for synchronising the hip movement, the shoulder and rolling the hands.
3. Q: I´ve seen different tutorials on the ball positioning. There´s a method where the ball with every club is placed at the inside of the left heel and the stance is change with the clubs. Correct?

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