The Golf Swing Weekly Fix 21 Nov 2013

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Mark Crossfield says:
NC2871926 says:

Mark, could you do a video solely on dropping the shaft plane flatter than
the hand plane on the downswing. Drills, “feel”, etc.

NC2871926 says:

Mark, could you do a video on getting the shaft plane flatter than the hand
plane in the downswing. Drills, “feel”, etc…


Mahavishnu80 says:

I use a similar upright posture, which with a 1plane and wide stance gives
me very accurate drives, as long as i fully clean my hips.

Mahavishnu80 says:

clear my hips!

William Johnston says:


ItsDavid07 says:

10:46 the guy is chicken winging his right arm

golfninja says:

Stenson used to have a huge forward press which was one of the reasons he
couldn’t use his driver as the dynamic loft he presented at impact on a 9.5
loft was dropping to 6.5 and less. (this was a few years back) He’s cut
down on the amount of forward movement in his forward press, took him quite
a while to do this & to be able to get in a position when he was
comfortable starting to take the club back from address (something he still
has problems with very occasionally), certainly all working now this
season, ha! 🙂
Agree with Mark, don’t like the forward press much as it tends to lead to
causing more problems with snatching & jerking the club back, also to
re-gripping into a bad hand position, the path on takeaway being to steep
and too early setting of the hands and/or whipping the club back to much
behind the right leg. A very slight gentle forward press can work if it
enables a smooth takeaway, but there would be more golfers who are trying
to improve who would be much better without one than with one.

Rick Bonoan says:

Thanks for showing a video with a clear diagram of the shaft plane going
below the hand plane (at around the 10:30). I think this is my issue as
well. I have been trying visualize this ever since I first saw one of your
videos from a few months back explaining the hand-to-shaft-plane

Daniel Abdelnour says:

Mark thank you for analyzing my swing (min 10) and saying it was good. in
that swing (common error for me sometimes with wedges) i just decelerated
in the down swing causing a push fade. thank you so much and ill be sending
more videos. i just send one of a 6i that it will be better to watch. 

Alan Mills says:

Another good vid Mark. Great stuff

spectre 2.0 says:

hi mark
great tips for the hand plane and dropping the club, really improved my
game so far. just wondering though if this technique or ‘style’ of shot is
the same for all clubs, in particular wedges?
hope you see this and reply.

Jake Reddick says:

I really like these videos, mainly because you get people like the kid in
this video who has a real nice swing. Also the people who do need big
changes. But you can compare your swing to what’s going wrong or right with
other. And change the things to make them better. Really good stuff from
you mark!

Ricky Harris says:

Pretty much all the best pro’s do a slight forward press, Ernie, Tiger,
Vijay, Mcilroy doesn’t forward press but sets his hands way forward at set
up. As long as you aren’t changng ur grip I think it’s a good thing to do,
because it puts your hands in the position they should be at impact.

Mark Angryfield says:

The guy at 11.00 does have a major fault. This swing is a typical example
of a player being taught or copying positions yet still having an
ineffective golf swing. I am speechless (though not that surprised) that a
pro can not see the fault. And you can even see it without a launch
monitor, if it was the case that a launch monitor was needed how did anyone
break 90 before the year 2000?

What is wrong with his swing?

mynusss says:

Can you elaborate on “dropping the club” I’m a bit confused on what to
exactly do. Thanks MARK!

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