The Golf Swing Weekly Fix 16 October

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zdenekdvc says:


Joe Wilson says:


stityriah poop says:


itubeutude says:

Really enjoy these weekly fix video’s. No other golf instructor I know of does them, so you’re a credit to your industry Mark.

rotaryaddict says:


Mark Faris says:

I just looked at your ipad app…nice. Thanks for the great instruction.

MrNic says:

Could you explain what made you choose the Nikon range finder? I’m looking to buy one but am struggling to find any solid reviews… Appreciate your work!

nightgolfing says:

Thanks again mark! Very helpful golf lessons!

Nur Najiba Mohd Noh says:

Hi guys! check out my what’s in my golf bag video on my channel!

vwgolf337 says:

Hi Mark, Thanks for another great video.

Since you seem to do quite a bit of practicing indoors hitting off of mats I wanted to ask you if you had ever seen or tried the FairwayPro “divot simulator” and what your thoughts were on it. It seems like an interesting golf gadget especially if it can really mimic real turf better than a static mat. I have yet to find one to try out so a review would be really helpful if you could get a hold of one.

MagkiicShotz says:

Hey mark another great video ! Just wondering if your going to upload any more dessert spring course vlogs ?

Colin Delaney says:

Hi Mark… Love the channel and the app and the lessons 🙂

Colin Delaney says:

I was wondering if I could have your advice .. I’m a 9 h/c playing golf on a championship links course and I am looking to replace my old taylormade tp hybrid 09 model.. For something with a lower strong ball flight for the wind… What would u recommend? Wild love your feedback

TheFifalicker says:

Where do you send in your clips? 🙂

Mike McPhee says:

mark, of course it helps!

Charlie Zhu says:

hey mark jsut a quick question. you always say get fit for the equipment you buy, and many fitters say its just as important for high handicaps to get fit for clubs as well. i play off a 30 h/c and am not a great ballstriker. should i be more concerned with hitting the middle of the face more often, rather than getting fit for clubs which are said to “improve my game” just beacuse theyre fitted for me? thanks for the help

Rob Atkinson says:

colin,if your a should be able to wprl that out yourself.!!

Rob Atkinson says:


avail1236 says:

What is the name of your second channel?

tigerbalm says:

I developed a draw in my wedges, so it made me draw too much with my 5i. How do you control a draw? I can control a fade much more than a draw. Any tips?

tigerbalm says:

My philosophy to be a better golfer is, don’t rely on gimmick that “fix” your faults or add more distance, etc! #1-understand the fundamentals. #2-start using muscle back, then blades. #3 Practice. #4 Practice. #5 Get good enough to have a solid foundation and you can play well on any course.

spectre 2.0 says:

hey mark you mentioned going to watch grip videos but can you please do one. i cant stand listening to another american.
you may have already done one but a recent and up to date one would be great

Mark Angryfield says:

Right, lets talk about getting the hips more target bond. Look at the hands, These dive the hips.

CaribSurfKing1 says:

Swing at 9:30 is over the top move!
Need to fix that first, which will make golfer want to strengthen grip automatically
Its always interesting to find out the history which came first, the weak grip or the over the top move. Typically its the over the top cricket move!

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