The Golf Swing The Weekly Fix On Plane and Downswing

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p3t3rRABBIT says:


Ross Finnegan says:

Mark! You should make a vid of Top 5 Drills to do Daily!
I tink that would help a lot!

Arnold Ziffel says:

That is a fantastic drill Mark great advice I am going to try this everyday and I will post the results

joer422 says:

hi mark im thinking of buying new wedges and was wondering if i play on a links course mainly should my choice of bounce be affect as well as how i swing my wedges?
thanks, love the videos

hockeya10 says:

mark please reply to my comments i haven’t gotten a single reply!!!!!!!!!!!!
but i have a serious question about the waste transfer you mentioned
i have a problem with firing them too quick and this throws off my spine angle at impact and my right heel is too lifted and this causes me almost to get stuck and the divots on my irons are going to the left
how do i fix this??????!!!!!!thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MrGolfaholic21 says:

Great video Mark, I will be working on this for sure!

orshushu says:

Mark, wonderful vid. Just simple act which really set my plane in correct position. Is slow backswing better than fast but still in correct plane ?

Flow Fiero says:

Best golf vids on YT by far. Well done Mark. Is your app coming out for android? If so, I would defo buy it.

Ryan Unsworth says:

what camera do you use to video these with? i’m looking for a camera to video my swing with but can’t find one that copes well when i slow the speed down

sidecar771 says:

Bobby Jones was an amateur golfer. Phil Mickelson won on the PGA tour in 1991 as an amateur golfer. Slobs like us are “recreational” golfers…a peccadillo for sure, but hey.

Woodland Fair Construction says:

Mark… You’re the man! Watching just a couple of your videos has drastically improved the consistancy with my drives. I have played baseball my whole life and in college so i was releasing too late constantly slicing the ball with the driver, not the case anymore. Thank You for Making These Videos!

srvmotoman says:

The swing plane drill is amazing. I went through 200 balls at the range yesterday. The consistency of my ball strikes were better than I have ever seen. Kudos to you sir!!!

69eamo says:

my golf swing has improved a lot sence i started watching ur videos thanks a mill

Daniel Kim says:

Hello mark. I really enjoy your equipment reviews and lessons. I have a question about swing aid equipment. What are your thoughts on “tour stricker”? It is supposed to help players hitting down on the ball. I would like to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you.

Romeolo888 says:

I am loving your videos. would love to meet you one day just for a general lesson or maybe game of golf. my sister lives down your area, so i could pop in!!

Matthew Wheaton says:

doesnt turning that aggressively make the club fall behind you and make you get stuck?

JRichens says:

Good job, keep um coming!

TheRoryMcilroy says:

im looking for a video that will give me some drills to flatten out my down swing, could i have any advice…..

Michael Mayorga says:

im gonna go do this in my garden

mossy121c says:

Hi Mark, great videos, def getting the app!

I am a newbee to the game. I am just wondering is this plane for a single plane or two plane swing, or both? I am struggling at the moment to understand which plane I have. Also id it better to have the same swing for irons and driver?

claytonskyler says:

Yeah well……

blakerh says:

Another great video!!! Good day mate!!

Michael Clausen says:

i just made a golf channel, would appriciate you to check it out

Matty C says:

One of my favorite videos that helped my golf game so much. I like the idea of doing drills that show you what a swing SHOULD feel like. The hardest thing I found in learning to play golf is what exactly doing it right feels like, everybody learns what they need to be doing but its hard to know if you actually are doing it. I like this approach!

James Acton says:

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Maire Haley says:

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lee newton says:

great help…off to the range!!

Santo Iskandar says:

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mobetter1000 says:

Hi Mark, I have your iPhone app but don’t see how to make comments on it. I really love this game but I’m extremely frustrated to the point of walking away. I’ve got the dreaded shanks. I’ve recorded my swings. My practice swings look spot on, but when I put a ball down and swing I talk the club back to the extreme inside and remain really flat in the back swing. It’s all really mental for me. Any tips, physical or mental. I have thought about lessons but afraid of throwing away $. Stephen

Yuda Pratama says:

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Rob Earley says:

Great drill

QuiteTheChap says:

That is a fantastic drill. Very simple to apply. 

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