The Golf Swing Strong Grip Lesson

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Get Mark’s iPhone App Like Mark Crossfield on Facebook Follow Mark/4golfonline on twitter The Golf Swing Strong Grip Lesson with Mark Crossfield PGA Golf Professional. This is another iPhone App golf lesson from YouTubes best online video golf coach. Watch as a pupil struggles to control his golf shots with a strong golf grip in his right hand. Mark Talks about how to correct this communion fault and how it will affect the golf club on the backswing. See how the club face gets very closed on the backswing, which then makes it impossible for the golfer to have a good turn through the golf ball. Hitting poor tee shots and iron shots with this golf grip will be common place and you will not get the correct high and in turn distance that your golf shots deserve. Play better golf with Mark Crossfield no matter where you are in the world.


SmashinSam120 says:

First! :)

Carlos Contreras says:


rianco says:


what do you think about a weak right hand grip with a strong left hand grip?

strong meaning the V pointing at the right shoulder and weak meaning V point somewhere in the mid-chest area. Thanks and great videos

civiboy1 says:

Tried to focus on my grip a lot more today, based on the tip you give in this video. Result ? Driving was phenomenally better, and i carded an 86 for my best round yet. Cant thank you enough mate.

civiboy1 says:

, wanted to quickly update, to say i played again today. 84!! this stuff works. Listen to the man!! thx Mark

rich110277 says:

Think you may have got the point and missed the point – Mark talks about the grip in conjunction with the club face squaring up at impact. When a pro’s swing is analysed, we are talking fine margins, This chap had a clear issue that any good pro would have picked up in a heart beat. The chaps grip left a massive margin for error, that would be dramatically reduced with a minor grip change. Any good teaching pro worth his salt teaches three key things at every level – Grip, Posture & Alignment.

welshorp says:

I have a strong right hand grip and I hit off the toe and thin shots, and is that to do with grip?

E6ROCK says:

I have a strong grip, but when i get tired, with my driver especially, i can have a devastating hook; for the most part though, I have a nice baby draw ball flight with my irons, and a nice draw with my driver and woods that give me a ton of distance due to the extra roll. Love all of your videos, and was wondering if you could tell me what you think about my swing. (I just uploaded a video of my swing today) thank you so much!

shredx81 says:

Left hand grip was a massive epiphany for me. Making sure I’m consciously aware of seeing a couple of knuckles in the left hand really sorted my slice out back in the day.

It’s difficult. There are many, many components that can cause a hook or slice but you may not have faults in all of them. Often I find it’s a case of working out which of them is the primary cause of the problem. Most of the time I found the rest of my swing mechanics didn’t need much work.

Peter Dingleberry says:

A strong grip doesnt make you hook the ball, flipping the hands does. What if i said to you that his club face is square if you flip the club on its head thats the position he is in, how is that not square? Your going to ruin him even more by doing what every other coach does weaken his grip open his club face and have to flip the hand to square the club face.

Diane Stevens says:

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