The Golf Putting Yips – Lesson and Tips

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The golf putting yips lesson and tips. World’s Best Instruction! Mike Shannon was named as a Top Teacher in both Golf Digest and Golf Magazine from 2000 to 2003. He is the creator of the Laser Optics Putting Improvement System that is being used by over 100 players on the Tour. In this lesson Mike discusses the Yips. Please go andsee more than 200 videos of the golf industries best instructors. Learn more about Golf Health and Fitness with over 3000 health concerns, worlds best golf instruction videos, and information on golf equipment, sports psychology, chipping, putting, sand shots and injury prevention and cure. GolfersMD will inspire you to stay focused on your health and play better golf. At GolfersMD, Health = Performance


Nightg4 says:

My eye sight has not changed at all. The yips ARE a nervous condition, which not only have i been lead to believe, but fully understand and cannot defeat. I am 19 years old and do not manipulate the stroke because i dont think i have the correct line, its cause i cant defeat the mental side of the game. start over and make a real video. this one is not helping someone with the yips.

Nightg4 says:

this is aimed at someone who is missing putts to the right or left cause they are pushing or pulling their putts thinking they have the yips.

Solittletimetoomany says:

I agree with Nightg4. I don’t know what you call it but I have a nervous condition when putting at age 64 which I can’t defeat either. It’s a loss of confidence esp. standing over short putts. I have tried different techniques but they don’t work. Its mental.

thementalcoach says:

Good example of an analytical approach to solving a problem with the physical game. If that doesn’t work, than it’s a problem with the mental game. What I ask the golfers I work with is a simple question: how do you putt when you are by yourself, or in practice, or when it just doesn’t matter if it goes in or not? If they do OK, then the problem is mental and they need a mental game oriented solution.

MrSkoobydrew says:

read the book by dr bob rottella “golf is not a game of perfect” it has a very good section about yips.

buddy6713 says:

Well said, I have the yips and putt rather famously on a practice green (but even a practice green when transformed for say a charity tournament into a “putting contest” causes the same yips as on the real course).

So the problem has got to be in my head. Nothing yet works: NLP, hypnosis, EFT, sports psychologists. Any suggestions for a different mental approach (possibly a gun to my head?)

thementalcoach says:

Ahh, the old gun to the head approach. That’s actually very similar to the stick part of the carrot and stick strategy that a lot of people use, just with a really big stick… 🙂 The problem is it can make things worse.

I’d suggest a mental approach like the one I use: interactive; focusing on solving problems (not covering them up; custom-tailored to you as an individual; testing results on the green and having a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. That should do it.

Patrick Cohn says:

Hi Mike: I completely agree with your over-active hands/mind approach to the yips. But let’s not apply a technical band aid to a mental game problem of over-control and fear. Going to a long putter or claw grip can work for a short time, but will not be a lasting solution.

fiftypeehead says:

From 20 feet down to about 10 (holeable but you can live with it if they don’t go in) I’m a pretty decent putter. But if I’m standing over a putt that I really shouldn’t miss, I just can’t pull that club back and through on a straight line. It’s not my grip or my club its my brain. I have no confidence standing over those short putts at all. The only thing that ever helped me was looking at where the ball was until I hear the ball drop in. Still these yips come and go.

fiftypeehead says:

Incidentally, the longer I stand over a putt worrying about it the more chance there is that il miss it. I hope my crappy little tips help someone else more than they ever helped me lol

Ian Long says:

You can have all the perfect mental strategies and thoughts in the world but with inconsistent aim and a bad stroke the person will still miss the majority of these short make-able putts. I also don’t see how taking the dominant hand out of putting is a “technical bandaid”. It’s simply removing a faulty element (no one said you have to putt with a conventional grip). Good mechanics breed confidence, and fear goes away when putts fall.

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