The Easiest Way To Better Putting – Easiest Swing Coach and Senior Golf Specialist

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Have you noticed which side of the hole you miss most of your putts? Does the ball start rolling on the line you choose? This fabulous exercise, free of technical analysis, engages the much more powerful right side of your brain that stores the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind makes between 9 – 11 million connections per second and is what controls 95% of your day-to-day life. It ensures our body functions properly, keeping our hearts pumping and lungs breathing. The conscious mind, which is what every other golf drill under the sun engages with, can only process between 40-50 connections per second. Which do you think we should be trying to engage more with when we play and practise golf? When we engage in purposely manipulating the putter in our hands and missing our target it is quite incredible how much feedback we receive. Now the unconscious and conscious parts of our brain can begin to communicate with each other and work together. And that is not all. When you make your practise more difficult than real playing conditions, your skill level and confidence increases exponentially. Ignore the power of this drill at your peril.


Timmy Gasman says:

Nearly fell asleep.

Nathan H says:

Great video as always and love the Aussie cricket reference

Ron Trawick says:

Wow..this looks great. I will begin this drill tomorrow. Reminds me of using the "quiet eye"

Paul Griffiths says:

Thanks for your time yet again, Sean. I will practise this drill this morning before my game.

Ulster says:

Fantastic teaching. Here you are learning a skill , just as you learned to ride a bike. No technical thoughts whatsoever.
You can also use the same principle for putting distance. One short, one long, one dead weight.

Tim Arnold says:

Great drill Sean, I dont have access to a green with a line on it so I guess you could do this on a short pile carpet as green speed is not important? ps Wish you could get the sound recording sorted.

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