The EASIEST Driver Swing Tip | Learn an Effortless Golf Swing With This Simple Driver Tip

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I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Gang Wu says:

Just want to say thank you. I learned the drill from your previous videos and tried the first time 2 weeks ago. My driver suddenly became longer (from 220 to 240) and more stable (from fade/slice to straight/draw). It was not a one-time experience but has been proven with 10 rounds of games. One comment on the tennis racket drill that I didn't have a chance to try because I don't play tennis, Instead, I tried a right-hand only drill to swing a club like a ping-pong racket because I was good at playing table tennis and it worked pretty well too.

nanolathe11 says:

great video. you should have more likes!

jgb6802 says:

Any tips for overcoming being ball bound?
My max speed pryctice swings are perfect (no, the face is not open), but esp. on course, the top of BS/TS are always as always befire, ax and steep, which I the save with my hands.

Cathy Belanger says:

I watched this video yesterday then went out and played. I never hit the driver longer! Thanks Clay.

Stiz Moskal says:

Just came back from the range smashed driver and it felt awesome. Thanks Clay

Cardinal Fang says:

All arms, driver club face open. I know I do both of those. All arms comes from a "gym" mentality, I know. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos and answer questions.

Brian Parsons says:

I have an issue of getting on my back toes when i start my downswing and drag my hands. I get a big shoulder turn. Is there any checks or drills you recommend to help with foot pressure on the downswing?

FairwayJack says:

I like how you cautioned not to "thrash" at the ball from the top ….get a full turn and bring it down under control

Joe Gould says:

Congrats on 400k!

Brandon McConnell says:

All I do is Slice slice slice slice please help

Hemant Sharma says:

How does this jive with the x factor? Tension between upper and lower body?

xTheRadioStar says:

Well, you've done it again. This idea has helped me swing from the inside, and I'm hitting more fairways with my driver, and my 3/4 swing is going as far as my old full swing. Shot a new personal best this morning: 91. And I haven't even taken this drill to the range yet to really settle into it! Thank you, Clay.

Dean Patterson says:

Clay, great tip and its so simple to understand. Thanks again!

Joshua Williams says:

Love the detail he uses and the imagery he gives you to be able to do this by yourself. So many other instructors give you half the information and you have no if you are even doing it the drills right. Do yall self a favor and click on the card

Kristin W. says:

Great tutorial video – thx for sharing this amazing tips!

Christian Morris says:

Excellent instructional! The hip rotation and your analogy with strings helped me correct my slice. Thanks so much!

Brett Zimmerman says:

You are a great teacher, wow, great points, keep up the great posts!!! You are a true pro, you know the game!

klaydv says:

Another awesome lesson, Clay. Thanks. I love your hat too, but I can't find one like it. Any tips there?

greg SIMMONS says:

My clubs are from 2008. And i shoot in the 90’s. Would a newer set help. Or just work on my hitting the ball better

Todd Lavoie says:

I have to say I'm a +1 handicap and I love your instruction videos. They've helped me play even better .the stinger video has definitely saved me strokes recently. I just wanted to say thank you

Criminally Insane says:

Awesome instructor and very relatable unlike the euros

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