The Disc Golf Guy – Vlog #269 – Paige Pierce Disc Golf Putting Pro Tips

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In order to win two disc golf world titles you have to be doing something right. Paige Pierce does many things right and when she’s not crushing 400+ foot drives, she’s lining up for a putt…


SirVixIsVexed says:

A hyzer putt is like a straight throw towards the pro side edge with a
particular amount of power where you know the disc will break from straight
to fade from it’s decreasing speed a few feet from the basket and fall to
the center and in, technically on a hyzer. IMO it’s reliable, nothing like
she describes, and your throw often ends up very close when you miss. Much
respect to her, I’m only speaking technically

jeffthrow6892 says:

Good advice…..I know many people like to putt with some hyzer on it but,
I agree flat & straight is best really……..

DGMIKE says:

Thumbs up on this one for the outro. Good work Terry.

Kyle Sprosty says:

Somebody found Fiverr!

Chris Davies says:

Thanks Terry! Thanks Paige!

thediscgolfguy says:

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