The Disc Golf Guy – Vlog #139 – Disc Golf Putting Tips from Legacy’s Steve Rico

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Steve Rico has been around the game of disc golf for many years and he’s a deadly with a putter. As we discuss his form I show him putting from a few different angles and at different speeds. We are light on words but I think his form really does all the talking. Watch how he balances himself, pushes off with his legs, and then follows through with a swift, smooth release. He is truly one of the game’s best putters!


CentralCoastDiscGolf says:

Fantastic vid sir! Really like the slow motion putting shots. There really aren’t a lot of slow motion putts on youtube.

SassyAssSocks says:


kizzaht says:

He’s a deadly

Channon Quillen says:

…keeps the disc flat.

tedbratton says:

It’s cool the way he takes the “spin putt direct line at the chains” but doesn’t cock his wrist and spin the disc.

LUDAing says:

awesome video!!!!! Great putter!!!

jake1260 says:

Steve looks mad in this.

GuitarmanST says:

guys a BOSS! The best putting form I had was slightly similar to his without even noticing it. I tried tweaking it, and its been horrid. After seeing this I gotta get back to the old stand by because I AM throwing Clutch’s after all 😉

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