The Biggest Myth in Putting (Putting Stroke Tips)

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If you’ve been told that your putting stroke should be straight back and through, you’ve been misled. If you want a consistent putting stroke, this is one of the best golf putting lessons we have ever done!

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In this video, we look at the putting stroke down the line to help uncover one of the biggest putting myths in golf, help you understand proper putting stroke mechanics, and give you some great golf putting tips and putting drills to help you learn how to putt with more consistency!

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Lokesh Mahadevaiah says:

Hey Todd, great tip there! I was putting with putter vertical and I used to miss few shots. I will try this drill.. thanks

ben osinski says:

Great tips Todd Does it matter if you use a Mallet putter or a Blade putter

Frank Elmore says:

You nailed it again! For those golfers wanting straight back and through they should try front hand low.

Michael Malarkey says:

I putt straight back and thru with center shafted and face balanced but my miss is always a pull which happens often, I'm also right hand dominate with more pressure. I will try your method and wondering 2 things. Why do I pull my putts and will this change with your method. Thank you.

Dawid Breed says:

A drill to deliver my putter face square at impact please.

Ronald Horton says:

What type of putter would I need for this stroke toe hang or face balance

Jonathan Foster says:

This was a great video on putting path and why straight back and though does not work!

Nick McElvain says:

It seems to me that your explanation does not take into account all 3 dimensions. If my pizza slice is completely vertical, then I can swing my putter in the shape of the perimeter of the pizza in a 'straight line' towards the target, with the 'center of the pie' being my backbone. That doesn't mean that my putter runs parallel to the putting surface, just parallel to the line to the pin. The closer I am to vertical, the less push or pull I will have, and the less important to have the ball at the exact bottom of my swing (where the putter face is directly toward the pin). On the other hand, I love your videos as they cause me to think about these things.

John Toenjes says:

If you rotate your upper body and shoulders around the spinal axis you can easily bring the putter straight back and straight through. The way you try to do it is a certain fail, for sure. Bogus demonstration.

Phil Bartlett says:

Great information. I’ve played golf for 60 years and have never seen the pizza slice demo before, it is a very effective demonstration tool. I’ve always been an “arc” type putter based on feel. This was a good explanation as to why this works for me.

Morlan Lannaman says:

Wonderful drill

Al Cleverdon says:

In desperation I started putting while looking at the hole. I haven't putted this well in 25 years. Possibly what you are talking about happens naturally when not focusing on the ball or your hands or your technique.Maybe your brain reacts to what it sees and frees you up to make a good putting stroke?. Not sure but it sure feels good and it works.

Thunderstruck says:

Sir, thanks so much for a great explanation. I have been struggling with taking the putter head way outside the line (mixed with me looking at the putter head) on the takeaway. I tried your drill in my garage and it feels so much better. Can’t wait to try it tomorrow.

D B says:

Todd – really great video and excellent tips. I also believe this is a natural way to put. However can make a straight stroke without changing the distance IF – they move their head back and forth due to a very steep shoulder stroke( ala Pelz).? Also set up usually has heel off the ground, high hands and less than 10deg shaft angle. . If you look at Loren Robert’s – I’d say he’s the best example…

Samuel Smith says:

Great video, thanks

seniorgolfer888 says:

Great tip. Thanks. Would like to ask you a different question. Aren't you supposed to take your hand/wrist out of putting stroke? 'I've read tips advising using a mitt to prevent your hand from holding the putter grip too tight. Yet people take off their gloves when putt. Doesn't that actually promote getting your hand into the putting stroke?

maxgerade says:

Ok, so what does that mean for buying face or toe balanced putters? As that is mainly based on stroke types

YellowDog Golf says:

I could not agree more. Many ways to putt but this way is the most efficient with less moving parts. You might take a look a my product just released and tell me what you think.

David Baume says:

Great video Tod. Coincidentally I read an article by Phil Kenyon in Today's Golfer mag earlier today, saying exactly the same as you but simply didn't believe him! The pizza slice prop shows it's absolutely true. I've been playing golf for 20 years & can't believe I didn't know that so will be sure to practice the drills next time on the putting green. Thanks again your advice always up there with the best

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