The Best Golf Short Game Practice Drill

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The best golf short game practice drill – Par 18 with Meandmygolf’s PGA Professional Andy Proudman.…


impossiblegolf says:

Great idea, Andy! I do a lot of short game practice but become very nervous when I go out on the course. This kind of practice will give me some confidence. Your videos are great!

nealblath says:

Yeah great video and a way to practice short game under pressure. Would be better without the annoying background music!

MrSevenOranges says:

Great seeing you hit these. Would be very useful to know your club choice for each shot though. Thanks.

Rory Marcello says:

bck ground music so good (levee breaks?) so I have to replay your lessons.

Jason Alexanders says:

What’s the background music??

Luke Allington says:

Great video Andy. Hopefully this drill will improve my terrible short game. It was a good point made by MrSevenOranges regarding knowing what clubs to select……well for beginners like me it would be anyway. Thanks again.

meandmygolf says:

Thanks Luke. As for the club selection, thats the beauty of the short game, you can use your imagination! Play around with a few different lofts.

ManThasCrazy says:

I wanted something i could use a pressure drill before i started a round so i tried this and it is really good. I played against my dad so almost like a match situation. I ended up with 22. Thanks for the drill though i hope to get down to 20 next time!

meandmygolf says:

This is definitely a great one to use for that. Glad you like it and 22 is a great score!!!

uva1999 says:

Very good video! I will definitely have to try this! I do have one question. What do you define as “easy”, “medium”, and “hard”? For me your medium shot looked quite challenging. GREAT video nonetheless. I will definitely do this type of practice next time im in a practice session! Thanks!

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