The Best 2015 Golf Fairways

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JZORD1527 says:

Really hoping that the best 2015 golf hybrids is coming soon!

stayshreddedmyfriends says:

Looks Like you could use a New iPad

Davide Satta says:

Hi Mark, great video as usual. Would you make a review on benross products
sometime as I think they are great products but not very popular in the
market like the big brands? It would be very interesting to know what you
think. Let’s get stuck in! 

Dave Harrison says:

Stood video Mark got fitted at the belfry with Taylormade getting the
Aeroburner HL I loved the flight.

hustlr23 says:

if you gave mark 2 mouths one would talk to the other all day long.

Justin Scheve says:

Perfect timing! I am in the market for a new 3 wood this spring. I will be
testing the Titleist, Mizuno & the TaylorMade Aeroburner. I can’t wait to
see which fits in my bag. Thanks & keep the videos coming!

kroyalusa says:

Hello Mark and Steven!. Enjoyed the fairway wood walk through. Getting
ready for the new Mini Driver review. Might have some going driver, mini, 5
wood, and hybrid. ;>) I’ve hit it and it is, well, something else. It also
has a wing, so it can’t miss, right. Thanks for what you do. Heading to
Steven’s channel for more. Where is Coach Lockey?

alestev24 says:

I still find it hard to imagine that any fairway wood could be better than
the Nike VR LE woods, which I have been using in 3 and 5 for the past 2 1/2
years (I believe Mark had the 3 wood in the bag for a time as well,
“Compression Channel” and all). But I sort of thought that about the
titanium headed Mizuno MP fairway woods as well, and about the Nike SQ II
before that. I will definitely try the Aeroburner in 16.5° once the demo
days start around here. Who knows?

Phill Rudd says:

I game the 15* normal aeroburner. It just happened to be the one that
worked best for me during the fitting. The feel of this club is explosive.
I don’t normally have much need to hit 3w off the deck as my course is a
par 69 though perhaps the lower spinning tp version is where Mark is going
wrong. Glad you didn’t bother with the nike as they’re s##t but I’m
surprised you didn’t try a contra offering

nigel Turner says:

why no cobra 3 woods 

Solomon Spydro says:

Ahhahaha great video

maxwell peterson says:

Mark have u been working out

speterj says:

I hope there’s a part 2 because you left out some from callaway, nike, and

MrWojtok says:

like always i love the video
I would test out of taylor made R15, aeroburner TP HL and callaway XR with
a different shafts and lofts to see which one feel better because I agree
with you that 3 wood is much more like Iron and it have to have its own

+ maybe the same comparison of all drivers that would be nice :)

theMANxGOLFER says:

I play Tour Edge Exotics for my 3 wood. Feel and performance beat out the

Hacker2024 says:

Is it just me or was Mark “wingin” it in this video??

Clay Fleming says:

Steve is dead on with the Aeroburner. I take my 3w on tight holes but only
use it from the fairway about 3 times a year. I bought this recently
because I was getting 164mph ball speeds off the floor with it. Have not
gotten ball speed numbers off of a tee yet, but as a tee club on tight par
4’s this thing is great.

scedab says:

my Callaway steelhead III is still the best, like a cheese and ham sandwich
-it cant be beat. But the new Mizuno line are stunning like a pastrami on
rye bread a taste sensation.

P-M Meiners says:

Great test but where is the Nike 3W? Not a fan of Nike but because of the
Nike-gate I was looking forward to hear your review on them. In the
meantime I keep dreaming about the best 3W coming to market. One with
”sure fit”, ”slot technology”, ”turbulators on top” and a ”WING”!!!

walter a heller says:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on spin verses distance.I think were
mostly distance orientated when looking for new clubs!

Steve Reed says:

Great video guys, I’ve been taking a G30 out on the course and what I like
is it gives me a pretty consistent distance and a predictable ball flight.
I’m a G30 driver so it kind of makes sense to me but I haven’t actually
tried anything else yet, I’m going to have a session on GC2 to get finally
fit and I’ll try others then but on the course from the tee & various lies
I really like the G30.

Les Blair says:

Why do you always hate on technology? It’ll never work for all but sure
does work for a lot. 

Duncan Kim says:

Interesting video but preference to Taylormade is a litte too obvious i
I hope Mark does not loose the the sprit of independence which i appreciate
from the old days. After all, we already have meandmygolf Taylormade boys
Thanks for the video as always. 

Stu Dunn says:

Interesting Steve is fully planted on both feet at impact, right heel
doesn’t even hint at raising until follow through.

Joel Crow says:

Mark, you and Steve did a really good job with this video. Thorough points,
good interaction timing, quick jokes, etc… Now, go make a course vlog!!

Vici Martynov says:

Thunderous lime green silence amongst the products, what silly billys they
were. I like the idea of fairways but me and my 3 wood are not on speaking
terms right now, not sure I get on with woods he he

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